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Babylicious star takes less sugar and avoids things that cause early ageing

KARACHI (Web Desk) – The Babylicious star Syra Yousuf revealed that healthy lifestyle is the key to her fitness.

In a morning show at a private TV channel, the gorgeous actress said that a healthy lifestyle can delay the ageing process.

Sharing her fitness secrets, the Sinf E Aahan star said that she takes less sugar and avoids the things that cause early ageing.

“Allah has been very kind to me that I look this youthful, yes, I lead a very healthy lifestyle. I eat jaggery instead of white sugar, I take healthy food, the food that has good effects on body and skin. I take proper sleep, I follow a complete night routine like applying moisturizer. I use natural moisturizer including coconut oil etc,” the Babylicious star said, whose latest movie hit the cinemas this Eidul Azha.

She added that “positive thoughts and exercise always keep you younger”.

Syra is known for her pretty smile and she’s also admired for having an adorably innocent face. Her fans love her in TV dramas, ads and films.

The notable dramas of Syra include Bilqees Kaur, Mera Naseeb, Pasheman, Rishta Hai Jese Khuwab and Tanhayan Naye Silsile.


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