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Henry Cavill receives criticism for the excessive muscles of his forearms

The actor has long been henry cavill, known for his (now defunct) role as Geralt of Rivia in the popular Netflix series ‘The Witcher’ as well as Superman, revealed his intense training regimen to develop the physical strength necessary for powerful sword fights. However, exercise scientist and sports physiologist Dr. Mike Israetel strongly criticized Cavill’s training methods, focusing on his forearm muscles.

Specific, Cavill highlighted the static-hold alternating dumbbell curls as a useful exercise recommended by his trainer, Dave Rienzi., to help in the demanding scenes. Both Rienzi and Cavill believed that this technique effectively strengthened the forearms. Mike strongly disagreed, stating that static curls are a huge waste of time unless one intends to power up static holds.

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Trainer Mike, who is very popular with the bodybuilding community, stated: “Folks, static curls are a gigantic fucking waste of time”. Also, he mentioned that they are only useful for those trying to improve their static grips. If the goal is to gain muscle for a role in Hollywood, a more effective strategy is to perform dynamic movements, preferably with both arms at the same time. To excel at holding something heavy, like a sword, practicing directly with a heavy dumbbell and doing 20 to 30 second repetitions to fatigue is a much better approach than incorporating a static hold into an otherwise useful biceps exercise.

The basis of Israetel’s firm disagreement lies in his conviction that dynamic exercises that engage several muscle groups at once lead to better muscle development than isolated exercises, like static curls. He explains it himself…

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Joaquín Gasca is an expert in competition, technology and motor sports. Some time ago he hung up his stud boots to focus on paddle tennis and running… old things, he complains. But he’s also up for whatever blitz he has to do with pushing his body to the limit, whether it’s behind the wheel of an Aston Martin or skateboarding to the office.

He is very much from Atlético de Madrid, so when footballers like Marcos Llorente or Álvaro Morata have starred on the cover of Men’s Health, he was there to write them. He just ran his first marathon for Runner’s World, and as he passes in this universe, he’s already looking for the next one to go under 3 hours. If you have to test any type of paddle tennis racket, vehicle or watch, it’s no problem. Even slippers. Whatever is needed in sports equipment.

Joaquín graduated in journalism from USP-CEU in 2013, but since 2009, when he joined the University newspaper, he began to work as a 360 “journalist” in digital and print. The next steps in his almost 15-year career were taken by doing culture and sports in Shanghai magazine, until he entered Hearst a week before the start of the pandemic in 2020. He is also a professor of social networks and new technologies at Universitas Senioribvs CEU and is part of the Hearst Innovation HUB to investigate new trends.

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