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HIGH INTENSITY: HIIT, Elsa Pataky’s training to slim down the waist at 46 years old

The healthy lifestyle promoted by

Elsa Pataky It is one of our ideal goals to achieve. follow a

balanced diet in which, in addition, he practices the

intermittent fasting and does

sport on a daily basis trying all kinds of techniques and tools, such as

the TRX. That is why she did not surprise us in the slightest that she created with her husband

Centera fitness, healthy eating and motivation platform that shares both workouts and healthy recipes with its users.

The experts of

Center compiled the most effective disciplines for

lose weight, tone up and notice the results of the training in record time and, although yoga or pilates are among the best, the e

HIIT workouts they are what have taken the first place.

High Intensity Interval Training or, in Spanish, high intensity training by

intervals, has been gaining followers due to its rapid results and the fact that it is not necessary to spend a lot of time practicing. With this type of routines you work

force and resistance since it consists of repeating a series of exercises at high intensity, leaving a rest time between them, in which you do not stop, but rather maintain a

intensity moderate.

“It’s a great style for

beginners: it will help you gain confidence, stamina and strength”, affirms the trainer of Centr

Ashley Joi. And it is that, with this type of training, you improve the capacity

aerobicsyou tone the muscles and, in just

9 minute HIITyou can burn the same calories as running for 40.

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HIIT Benefits

1. Burn more calories

Despite the short duration of training

HIIT, you will be burning many more

calories than with aerobic exercise. A study published in the

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research came to the conclusion that HIIT burns up to a

30% more calories than other high intensity training such as running or cycling. That is why it is not necessary to do HIIT for 30 minutes to achieve a higher calorie burn, being enough

15 minutes to burn the same calories as a one hour cardio session.

2. Increased metabolic rate


HIIT involves anaerobic exercise, which results in an increase in the uptake of

oxygen after HIIT. Higher oxygen consumption means your body has to work harder, which raises your

metabolic ratethus contributing to better fat burning, even at rest.

3. Increased performance


HIIT training can improve endurance, speed, agility and power by leading to key physiological adaptations such as efficiency

cardiovascular (better oxygen consumption) and tolerance to lactic acid accumulation.

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4. Improved heart health


HIIT helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate by improving the structure of the

heartwhich translates into a better cardiac output by increasing the amount of

blood that the heart is capable of pumping the

muscles with every beat.

5. Conservation of muscle mass

For beginners, some types of high-intensity training, such as sprints, can

increase muscle mass. Of course, in more trained athletes, HIIT may not be the best method to develop muscle, but it is for

hold itwhich does not occur with other types of

cardio with whom you run the risk of losing it.

6. Time saving

As we have already pointed out, if you can only dedicate

15 minutes a day to train, the

HIIT is your best option, since it gets the same

benefits for health than a longer and less intense workout.

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