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HIIT training at home: the fastest way to get to summer with a great guy

HIIT training at home: the fastest way to get to summer with a great guyPixabay


Summer is just around the corner and many are already starting with the operation bikini for look great guy on the beach. If you have also proposed lose weight quickly but without going to the gym, we propose a very effective exercise routine to tone your body and lose weight. It’s about a HIIT workout at home.

What is a HIIT workout?

HIIT is a type of high intensity interval training. It consists of combining different repetitions of cardio and strength exercises. Normally, the exercises are repeated between 15 or 20 times and there is a one-minute rest between series. It is a very intense training and its effects are quite fast. From the first moment you will notice how you burn fat faster and after a few weeks the results will already be visible in your body.

With this HITT workout at home you’ll be fit for the summer.

HIIT training at home: the simplest exercises


We will start the HIIT training with one of the best known exercises: the classic squats. To perform correctly you have to keep your legs open and lower your buttocks as if you were going to sit on a chair. Try to keep your back straight and not lean forward to prevent possible injuries. Repeat 15 times and rest. Do three sets.

jumping jack or jumping jack

The next exercise in your home training will consist of jumping while opening your legs and arms to the maximum. Repeat 20 times and rest. Do three sets.

Train at home just like you would at the gym with this HITT workout.

running on site

Perform the movement of running but without moving from the site. To do this, raise your knees to your chest and move your arms as if you were running so that you accompany the movement of your legs. Run at the maximum intensity you can for 20 seconds. Do three sessions of this exercise.

Run at home as if you were on the street.

Jump rope without rope

Another of the simplest exercises that you can do in this type of training is jump rope It is not necessary that you have the rope in your hands, you just have to jump and move your arms as if you had it. Perform 3 sessions of 20 seconds each.

Squats are an ideal exercise to lose weight.


The homemade HIIT routine continues with the performance of strides. The exercise is simple. Just take a big step forward with one leg while the trunk and knee of the other leg are at a right angle to the ground. Perform 3 sessions of 15 repetitions each.

The importance of rest

When you complete each of the series of these exercises you should rest for half a minute and drink water to recover and start the next one with energy. exercise block.

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