How Athletic Greens Is Innovating AG1

Origins story

Founder Chris Ashenden began Athletic Greens 10 years in the past. He was experiencing a variety of well being points, from intestine misery to low power to nutrient deficiency and insufficiency. Experts beneficial dietary supplements—a complete lot of ’em—however taking 20 to 30 tablets a day to rectify the issue didn’t appear logical.

To get all these nutritional vitamins and minerals, pre- and probiotics, and phytonutrients, “you’d need a whole cabinet and refrigerator,” says Ralph Esposito, a naturopathic doctor and practical medication practitioner specializing in integrative medication at Athletic Greens. “If you look at nature, though, it does this organically. In ancient Indian culture, Ayurvedic medicine and cooking has a lot of yogurt, botanicals, herbs, and spices. Yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and apples—they have a lot of these pre- and probiotics and phytonutrients. Ashwagandha was a food first, then became a supp. When you boil it all down, it comes to establishing essentials of nutrition for proper gut health and looking at the body as a whole.”

That’s the place the thought of AG1 got here in. Ashenden wished to create a inexperienced drink that went past a multivitamin. He wished it to include herbs, vitamins, phytonutrients, flavanols, pre- and probiotics to make foundational well being so simple as beginning your day with a beverage, very similar to the ritual of getting tea or espresso.

When you’re experiencing a illness, like IBS, it’s not only one root reason behind the issue. There are a mess of methods speaking with each other—your intestine, adrenals, vascular, pores and skin, and many others.—that must discover a sense of equilibrium to not flip the change and short-circuit the entire system.

So when it got here to formulating AG1, Ashenden took the identical symbiotic method. There are 9 synergistic merchandise by the use of nutritional vitamins and minerals to maintain your immune system and nervous system chugging alongside; a superfood advanced comprising fruit and veggies picked at peak harvest occasions for essentially the most potent phytonutrient depend; dairy-free probiotics to help the intestine microbiome and support nutrient absorption in addition to digestion; antioxidants and plant extracts with adaptogens that assist decrease stress at a mobile degree; and an enzyme and mushroom advanced to additional support digestion.

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