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How I Stack Up Against BuzzFeed’s Idea of “Adulthood”

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Buzzfeed wrote this listing referred to as, “25 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Have.” I determined to see how intently I got here to their definition of “adult.” (Note — it didn’t go nicely.)

1. An Expanding File Folder

Okay, if I needed to commute an hour on a regular basis, carry a briefcase and personal an increasing file folder, I’d simply develop into my dad. Have you by no means heard of Google Drive? Or, like,

2. A Working Printer

42 % of the rationale I have a job is in order that I have entry to an precise, working printer. But I would sooner share a room with my neighbor’s pesky baby than waste valuable area with these dinosauric machines.

three. Things Hung Upon the Walls

Framing an image of you and your backstabbing sorority sister has no say in whether or not or not you’re an grownup.

four. A Simple Tool Kit & a Drill

A drill?! I’d have to purchase additional insurance coverage for possessing a harmful weapon.

5. A Workable To-Do List & Calendar

Wake up. Drink espresso. Type issues. Go to mattress. Okay, subsequent?

6. A Broom

Swiffers are like, method higher.

7. A Fireproof Box

This isn’t The Fast and the Furious. I don’t assume that’s essential.

 eight. Extra Unopened Toothbrushes

Wouldn’t he get the fallacious concept?

9. A Glue Gun

This is unquestionably a fireplace hazard. And keep in mind, I don’t have the fireproof field.

1zero. Reusable Latex Gloves

How many occasions can we reuse them? An entire yr, proper? That’s how lengthy mine have lasted.

11. A Sponge Holder

My sponge doesn’t have to be babied.

12. A “Just Got Home” Routine

Unless it’s, “Immediately shed your pants and eat something,” I don’t need to hear it.

13. A Plunger

I GUESS that is necessary. I imply, I have one. I solely purchased it after my rest room had an emergency although.

14. The Names and Numbers of Professional Problem-Solvers

My dad. Next!

15. Flashlights and/or Candles + Matches*

Again, hearth hazard…

16. The Name of Your City Councilperson

Leslie Knope.

17. A Stash of Cards + Stamps


18. Cloth Napkins

If I need material napkins I will go to my grandma’s home.

19. The Name of Your Police Precinct and the Non-Emergency Number

Brooklyn 9-9-….1?

20. A Plant — That You Actually Know How to Take Care of

LOL. No.

21. The Name & Number of the Nearest 24-Hour Emergency Vet

Easy — animal management.

22. A Library Card

Okay, perhaps. But I’ll by no means return my books on time.

23. The Name of at Least One of Your Neighbors

You imply, ‘Ugly Naked Guy?’

24. A Spot to Meet within the Event of a Fire

Somewhere away from the hearth.

25. Velvet No-Slip Hangers That Match

You assume I personal garments that have to be hung? Lolz.

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