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How Katy Perry gets those oblique abs

    A few days ago we saw Katy Perry Sheathed in a very galactic silver two-piece set that revealed part of her toned abdomen. However, today we have woken up with this publication on Instagram that confirms what was already intuited in the first one. The singer repeats with a metallic look made up of an asymmetrical crop top and a skirt with an animal print coat. But she is not the only one who can boast of wearing a strong and toned core but you can see perfectly how the line of the oblique abdominals is marked. Don’t you think?

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    What are oblique abs?

    Beyond the typical crunches that come to mind when we think of them (very difficult to achieve, by the way) are the muscle groups found on the sides of your core. For note definition in this area and prevent the rolls that we all have from forming, we must focus on working specifically on the obliques. We already warned you that it is not easy to see quick results and that there are certain tricks to achieve it, but basically you have to focus on two points: achieve a caloric deficit and do training focused on marking those abs.

    Routine to mark oblique abdominals

    Here are three key exercises to show off obliques like Katy Perry.

    1- Hip Dips

    In a plank position, turn your torso to the sides without touching the ground, keeping your abdomen strong.

    2- Mountain climbers or climbers

    Position yourself on all fours on the mat and put your feet on the floor with your hands resting. Do the movement thinking that you are climbing a mountain.

    3- Static abdominal

    Lying on your back on a mat, raise your arms and legs and alternate movements with them, keeping your core strong.

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