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How to adapt the exercise routine in summer to improve night rest

ANDhe summer is usually the time of year when it is more difficult to fall asleep and get a pleasant rest at night to start the next day full of energy. The high temperatures that are recorded on these dates, exceeding 40 degrees and reaching over 30 at night in some casesmakes you have to use objects such as air conditioners or fans to counteract it.

A good rest is essential to be able to carry out with guarantees those obligations that one has and exercising is a good method that helps to spend the night better. In fact, staying active and being physically active It has four benefits that help to have a good night’s rest: Being physically tired improves the quality of sleep, as long as it is not excessively intense and strong, lowers the level of stress, prevents sleep apnea and improves our mood.

In summer, it is better to exercise in the morning

This series of advantages that it brings us throughout the year, They may suffer small variations when the summer months arrive as a consequence of a heat wave and that, with the effects of climate change, becomes even more evident.

In that sense, Elena Urrestarazuvice president of the Spanish Sleep Society, performs several recommendations to improve night sleep in summer, among which mention is made of physical activity. In this series of recommendations, Elena Urrestarazu affirms that it is It is better to exercise in the morning, since if it is done at the end of the day the sleep will be of poorer quality and whose physical activity should be performed, at the latest, with 6 hours to go to bed.

In no case is it recommended that the exercise be done during the afternoon as it could endangering health due to intense heat and with the risk that this entails. One of the most common cases is suffer from heat stroke.

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