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How to Build Up to Eka Pada Galavasana

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Eka Pada Galavasana (One-Legged Balance or Flying Pigeon) is an arm steadiness that tends to encourage awe, in addition to worry from yogis. The delicate perch requires sufficient flexibility, ability, and each bodily and psychological strength to detach from the worry of teetering ahead and falling in your face.

Some nervousness is completely cheap. After all, people are wired to keep away from circumstances the place we’d bruise our faces—or our egos. Yet one of the compelling causes to apply arm balances is to push past our perceived boundaries. Not thoughtlessly, however consciously. Herein lies the wonder (nicely, one of many beauties) of the apply: By dealing with your fears and persistently and assuredly practising Flying Pigeon, you’ll construct self-confidence and achieve an understanding of your true potential—in yoga in addition to in life.

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A mind-body strategy to Flying Pigeon

This psychological fortitude is mirrored within the bodily steadiness that’s so essential to attaining this pose. When you soar into Flying Pigeon together with your chest and prolonged leg flying excessive above your shoulders, the quantity of weight in entrance of your elbows should match the weight behind them. That’s simpler mentioned than completed.

This step-by-step apply information demystifies Eka Pada Galavasana by getting ready the body with practical motion. You’ll create house in your hips, strengthen your core, and construct a powerful basis by key actions (suppose Chaturanga arms) that may show you how to with this in addition to many different arm balances. By deliberately concentrating on and opening particular components of the body prior to making an attempt the pose, you’ll enhance your probability of gracefully lifting into it.

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Before you start

Warm up and put together for this sequence with three rounds of Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A), adopted by two rounds of Sun Salutation B. Then transfer by the next warm-ups earlier than starting the remainder of the Flying Pigeon sequence.

figure 4 stretch to prepare for flying pigeon pose

Hip rotations and determine 4 stretch

Lie in your again and raise your left leg in order that the knee is straight over your hip. Keep your foot flexed. Internally and externally rotate the leg from the hip joint 5 occasions, then cross your left ankle over your proper thigh to finish in a determine 4 stretch. Repeat on the opposite facet.

bridge pose to prepare for flying pigeon pose

Prep your glutes with Bridge Pose

Lie in your again with each ft planted firmly on the bottom, hip distance aside, together with your knees pointing straight up. Lift your hips to come into Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose). Keep your hips lifted as you flutter your knees and thighs out and in 5 to eight occasions. To come out of the pose, decrease your hips to the mat.

low core moves to prepare for flying pigeon pose

Engage your low core

Lie in your again with a block between your thighs. Lift your knees to stack them straight over your hips. With your arms behind your head supporting your neck, activate your abdominals and raise your shoulder blades off the mat. Keep your elbows pointed in direction of the sky and your head and neck relaxed.  Move your knees ahead and decrease your toes to hover off mat for just a few seconds earlier than returning them to their unique place over your hips. Repeat 5 occasions.

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chatturanga pushups to to prepare for flying pigeon pose

Warm up shoulders with Chaturanga push-ups

Place two blocks on the mat. Come into Plank Pose, and pull your elbows shut to your sides. With your core engaged, drop your knees to the mat as you decrease your shoulders to hover over the blocks (you may relaxation your shoulders on the blocks flippantly for steadiness). Then push again up into Plank. Repeat thrice.

A sequence to come into Flying Pigeon

Flow by the next poses on one leg, then repeat on the opposite leg. Remember to breathe all through this sequence, particularly when approaching the arm steadiness.

down dog figure four to prepare for flying pigeon pose

Figure 4 Down Dog

From Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog), raise your left leg up behind you, then carry your knee ahead to your nostril. Cross your left ankle above your proper knee to come right into a determine 4 stretch. Slightly bend your proper knee. Push your arms into the ground, pulling your ribs in and urgent your hips up and again. Take 5 breaths right here, then step your left foot in between your arms to are available in to Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge).

low lunge with kicks

Low Lunge with heel to stomach kicks 

Start in Low Lunge, firmly pushing your arms into the ground. Lift your left foot off the mat, then pull your heel towards your stomach button. Bring the foot ahead once more, tapping it down flippantly in Low Lunge. Repeat 5 occasions, ending in Low Lunge.

seated figure 4 pose

Seated Figure 4 

From Low Lunge together with your left foot ahead, carry your proper knee behind your left heel and sit onto your proper hip, dealing with the lengthy fringe of your mat. Cross your left ankle above your proper thigh for a seated determine 4 stretch. Place your arms behind you and raise your chest to sit up tall. Stay right here for 5 breaths.

supported warrior 3 with kicks to prepare for flying pigeon pose

Supported Warrior III with again leg raises 

Grab two blocks. From seated determine 4, flip your hips to face the entrance of the mat. Root your left foot onto the mat and shoot your proper leg again to come right into a supported Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III). Wrap your outer left hip down and interact your core. Lift your proper heel to hip height, then decrease it midway to the ground. Lift it again to hip height. Repeat 5 occasions.

standing figure 4

Standing determine 4

From supported Warrior III, carry your proper knee ahead towards your nostril. Lift your torso and root down firmly into your left leg. Cross your proper ankle over your left thigh to come right into a standing determine 4 pose. Engage your core and sit your hips again. Stay right here for 5 breaths.

flying pigeon pose

Peak Pose: Flying Pigeon

From standing determine 4 pose, hinge at your hips, reaching your arms to the ground to body your left foot. Place your proper shin behind your elbows and wrap your proper toes round your left tricep. Gaze down. Pull your chest ahead as you interact the mula and uddiyana bandahs. Trust. Breathe. Lift your left heel towards your hips. Balance. Breathe. Continue to interact the bandahs as you lengthen and raise your left leg upwards.

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