How To Do Squats Properly and Mistakes To Avoid

Squats are a standard decrease physique train that you simply’ll discover in most exercise applications. If completed accurately, they are often tremendous useful to your health – however many individuals don’t know the right way to do squats correctly.

Most of us discover it arduous to do squats with out making a minimum of one huge mistake. This is especially on account of our sedentary lifestyle.

But it’s essential to have good squat kind, and analysis even exhibits that there’s a primary means of performing squats that decreases the chance of damage and helps health progress.(1)  Squats are “fundamental movements necessary to improve sport performance, to reduce injury risk and to support lifelong physical activity.”

So how have you learnt you probably have correct squat kind?

Proper squats…

  • Strengthen your legs, glutes, and many different muscle mass
  • Improve your decrease physique mobility and sport efficiency(2)
  • Keep your bones and joints wholesome

“Bad” squats…

  • Don’t activate the fitting muscle mass on the correct depth
  • Put further stress on ligaments and joints
  • Increase threat of damage

By the top of this text you’ll know precisely the right way to do a squat correctly and you’ll never skip leg day once more. You’ll additionally study suggestions that may allow you to keep away from squat errors and appropriate your squat kind.

Proper Squat Form

Squats are a decrease physique train the place the motion itself is an important a part of day by day actions like sitting and lifting.(3) You can do the body weight model, with out added resistance (additionally known as Bodyweight Squat or Air Squat), or with weights similar to a barbell (Front Squat and Back Squat are variations of the Barbell Squat).

The squat train primarily targets the thighs (quadriceps & hamstrings) and the glutes. However, core energy & stability, ankle mobility, again muscle mass, calves, and different elements play an essential position when you find yourself doing this train.

Common causes for squat train errors embody muscle weak spot or tightness and joint instability or immobility.(4) If you end up making errors, apply your squats by making use of the next tricks to appropriate your kind and strengthen your decrease physique. 

Did you recognize?

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Set up for good squat kind:

  1. Find a foot stance that feels finest for you. Pointing your toes barely outwards helps some, however holding them parallel is okay, too. If you’re undecided what’s finest, begin by placing your ft shoulder-width aside and pointing about 15 levels outwards.
  2. Tense your abs like somebody is about to punch you.
  3. Look straight forward and stand tall!

Mistake #1 – Starting from the knees

Very typically the very first thing individuals do once they need to squat is bend their knees. Not solely does that make a correct squat unimaginable, it additionally locations a variety of pointless stress on the knees.

woman doing squat wrong by bending at the knees first


woman doing a proper squat


  • When you begin the squat, suppose “sit back” not “bend at the knees”.
  • Move your butt backward as you decrease your hips in the direction of the ground, and really feel the load shift to your heels.


“Sit back” – earlier than you begin to decrease your self, suppose “sit back”. You can apply this with a chair (with out sitting on it). Make a really managed descent and contact the seat of the chair earlier than getting up. Once you grasp this, you are able to do body weight or weighted squats and not using a chair. To view an accurate squat kind in motion, observe together with this exercise routine on the adidas Training app.

Mistake #2 – Letting your knees go inward

You may discover your knees “caving in” the deeper you squat. This may allow you to get decrease, but it surely places an excessive amount of stress in your knees.

knees going inward during a squat


woman squatting with knees out


  • As you descend, attempt to “push” your knees barely outward
  • Your kneecaps must be dealing with the identical course as your toes. Make certain your knees are usually not bending inward; they need to be immediately above your ft.

Want to activate your glutes extra?

The “knees out” tip will also be helpful if you’re attempting to activate your glutes extra. Try utilizing a band round your knees; it’s a good way to really feel your glutes work tougher within the squat.

However, in case your knees bother you even once you squat correctly, take a look at this workout that is very easy on the knees.

Mistake #3 – Hunching your again

The extra you focus in your decrease physique in squats, the better the possibility your kind will undergo someplace within the higher physique. Many work environments trigger rigidity within the higher again and shoulders. Becoming conscious of your posture can assist you alter this.

woman hunching back during a squat


woman doing a proper squat


  • Look straight forward, don’t look down
  • Open your chest and loosen up your shoulders
  • Put your palms straight out in entrance of you. If they fall towards your knees as you squat down, that implies that your again is rounded


Holding a dumbbell or one thing related in opposition to your chest may assist. Try to squat holding the item near your chest. If you discover that the underside of the dumbbell is transferring away out of your chest as you go down, you might be most likely leaning ahead an excessive amount of.

If not one of the above helps, use help – maintain onto a door body and squat down whereas holding your higher physique as upright as it may be. Practice holding the proper place at numerous heights to get extra secure and snug. Don’t hand over – experiment and apply till you are feeling assured sufficient to attempt the identical place with out help.

Mistake #4 – Lifting your heels off the ground

Standing up from a squat must be “powered” by a heel drive. In different phrases, urgent your heels into the bottom ensures the fitting muscle activation and steadiness for a correct squat.

woman lifting heels of the floor while doing a squat


woman doing a proper squat


  • Keep your heels on the ground
  • “Push” out of your heels as you rise again up to face.
  • If you’ll be able to’t do a squat with out placing your weight in your toes, take the time to work in your mobility (particularly in your ankles)

How deep do you have to squat?

Your hips ought to go decrease than your knees, however a deep squat requires further mobility. It’s nice if you are able to do it with good kind. If not, squat as little as you’ll be able to whereas sustaining correct kind. indicator is the arch of your decrease again. If your decrease again begins to arch excessively at a sure peak, don’t go any decrease.

Squats are the inspiration of many exercise applications. With the following pointers, you ought to really feel way more assured about doing squats accurately now.

Don’t neglect to modify it up, attempt some squat variations as nicely.

Squats are the inspiration of many exercise applications. Hopefully you are feeling way more assured about doing them now.

Don’t neglect to modify it up, attempt some squat variations as nicely.


Check your kind:

  • “Sit back” – ensure to maneuver your butt backward, don’t simply bend your knees
  • Be cautious to maintain your knees according to your toes, don’t allow them to collapse
  • Don’t neglect about your higher physique – look straight forward and don’t spherical your again

Most importantly – discover the motion…

  • Try to note what feels completely different once you change one thing like your foot stance or the place of your knees…
  • Experiment with suggestions and don’t hesitate to make use of help (similar to a door body for higher physique assist) should you want it
  • It takes a variety of apply to turn out to be extra conscious of how you progress, but it surely’s price it

If you expertise difficulties performing a correct squat – take your time to work on mobility and apply, apply… it’s going to repay. It could seem boring to focus in your weak spot, however keep in mind – weak spot is the place your greatest potential lies!


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