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how to dress so as not to die trying

There are many different excuses when it comes to training, but the truth is that the one that has been repeated the most in recent months is that “it’s very cold.” We’re brushing minus one degree below zero almost every morning, so it’s no surprise that the outdoor sport has been relegated for a time by the vast majority.

Let’s say that now is when the gyms are overflowing and the streets, to a greater or lesser extent, empty.

However, train outdoorsas is the case with go for a run, even if it’s cold, it has many health benefits. Nothing that can’t be fixed with the right clothes for combat low temperatures. And the trainer at Studio 1 and running expert, Andrea de Ayala, who trains runners of all levels, knows a lot about that.

To make the moments of running more enjoyable, she is clear: «My recommendation is to go varying the routes race for both physical and mental reasons. Apparently, mentally “it helps to see different landscapes and not know the route by heart” so that the start is not repetitive, and at the training level, “it is vital to choose a suitable terrain for each objective: flat if they are series, look for slopes if unevenness is trained, long-distance runs for long runs… and always on dirt or asphalt terrain ».

Slippers, essential

And for running, what is the first essential that comes to mind? Indeed, the sneakers. They will be your best ally and the ones that will help you achieve your goals, so the ones chosen should be like an extension of your own person. Andrea Ayala He comments that the last thing to look at is their price: “It’s no use buying running shoes because they were beautiful or on sale if they don’t fit you.”

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