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How to include your fitness equipment in a cinema bathroom

This room, baptized as hollywood bathroom, has been one of the most acclaimed projects in the 58th edition of Casa Decor 2023. It is the space designed by the prestigious interior designer Jean Porsche and in which the concept of bathroom is elevated to the greatest luxury. turned into an oasis wellness, is dedicated to hedonism and, also, to the care of both the body and the mind. And it is that the room, with an impeccable Hollywood Regency style decoration, reminiscent of the classic cinema of the 30s, also integrates a fabulous gym equipment for training at home. We are talking specifically about Personal Kinesis signature Technogymdisplayed as a sculptural piece of design.

“Sports are essential in a space designed for well-being and, for this reason, we liked the idea of ​​integrating gym equipment from the brand, which also fits perfectly with the style that prevails in the bathroom”, explains the architect, Jean Porsche. the furniture art deco and the wealth of materials, such as the Neolith coverings –sintered stones that dress the floors and give shape to key pieces such as the bathtub– have given rise to a sophisticated framework for the most hedonistic version of fitness. And, in this sense, a gym equipment like Personal Kinesisa proposal that surprises, enriches the aesthetics and optimizes the functionality of this room.

neolith space by casa decor, a bathroom with technogym equipment


The decoration of the hollywood bathroom at Casa Decor 2023 it welcomes designs inspired by the style ‘art deco’, like the center table, the work of Jean Porsche. Machine Personal Kinesis from Technogym, with a reflective steel surface, reminiscent of a large mirror from the 1930s, fits perfectly with the ensemble.

wellness bath at home, with technogym fitness equipment


A picture of the team Personal Kinesis from Technogym, next to a dressing table’art deco’. The striped canvas walls and the moldings on the walls, by Orac Decor, form the perfect setting for this cult-of-the-body outfit.

Kinesis means movement in Greek and that is precisely what we are talking about in this bathroom

And, apart from its elegant and original design, what is special about this gym equipment? Composed of three steel panels that reflect the image of the trainee, it allows you to immediately correct your posture. With a handcrafted Italian design, we can see it on one of the walls as a piece of impeccable finish that blends in wonderfully with the toilets, furniture and floor. In addition, by having a mirror finish, it visually doubles the space and enhances the luminosity.

kinesis means movement in Greek and that is precisely what we are talking about in this bathroom, the dynamic and healthy life“, explains Jean Porsche. This Technogym equipment is the perfect ally for performing strength exercises, as well as to increase flexibility, coordination and balance. The system allows activities to be carried out in three dimensions, in a comfortable and natural way thanks to its patented FullGravity technology; And it has an app. Techno Gym App, which guides you in daily exercises with functional and experimental movement patterns. Undoubtedly, a team that defines and puts the icing on the cake for a temple of well-being with extra style.

wellness bath at home with technogym fitness equipment

For the toilet area, the interior designer Jean Porsche has designed a double sink with a Neolith pedestal. It is accompanied by two orange lacquered cabinets and a pair of mirrors from the El Ocho store. The fabric on the wall is from the collection Luke Edward Hall for Rubelli, in Dolz Collection.

wellness bath at home, with technogym fitness equipment

The interior designer Jean Porsche, author of this ‘wellness’ bathroom, designed for the enjoyment and care of the body and mind.

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