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How to increase the clients of a hotel with sport as an ally?

The good climate and its geography make Spain a sports tourist destination. Hotels and resorts have adapted to this demand to serve a guest who not only visits Spain to sunbathe. Hotel chains are catering to a type of traveler who tends to have above-average purchasing power and leaves a greater economic impact on the country.

Among them is the Barceló Lanzarote Active Resort, a complex that has been recognized in 2022 as the best sports hotel in Spain by the World Travel Awards which has spaces that some gyms would envy, such as an Olympic-size swimming pool, a cycling center, a fitness training space and restaurants that take into account the active lifestyle of the guests.

Barceló has relied on the training programs les millswhich has allowed them to become the leading resort for active tourism in Europe. Thus, if a guest wants to participate in group fitness activities such as Bodypump or Bodybalance, they can do so with AEFA Les Mills certified instructors. Additionally, you can exercise online from the gym or from your hotel room in rooms called Sports Roomswhich are specifically designed for tourists looking to continue training during their vacations or work trips.

Olympic pool of the Barceló Lanzarote Active Resort

“Offering both spaces and a complete training program is a must at our resorts”, explains Cristina Mulet, head of Brand development & experience delivery at Barceló. It is not for less, since, according to a report by the American Express Company, Hilton and Skift, 12.6% affirm that it is the most relevant question when choosing a hotel to stay in.

Spain received more than 9 million tourists who visited the country for other reasons unrelated to sport but who, taking advantage of their visit, also practiced exercise. Its associated expense was 13,800 million euros and 1,500 euros per trip.

Les Mills Content offers 250 workouts in different formats that are made from the hotel app so that the guest can train wherever they want. Another option is Les Mills Virtual, which is designed to train in the hotel gym”, says Alejandra Munno, commercial director of AEFA Les Mills.

Sport in the hotel, a must to increase customer satisfaction

22.8% of guests acknowledge that the quality of their experience depends on the sports services offered, according to American Express Company, Hilton and Skift. Up to 22.7% of business travelers say they do the same physical exercise they do at home in hotels. The key is to give the client the facilities so that they do not break their sports practice routine under any circumstances. The statistics are on the side of the hotels that meet this need.

This non-seasonal occupation is also generated by professional football clubs, which see Spain as their main European destination for preseason or training during the Bundesliga league break in winter. In some cases, the clubs choose the destination not only based on the weather or the sports facilities on offer. “In winter season We receive high-performance sports groups from different European countries also due to the offer related to nutritionleisure and local culture”, says Mulet.

This has caused the Andalusian coast and the Canary Islands to receive visits from clubs such as Chelsea FC or Borussia Dortmund. Others, such as Manchester City, have even signed a sponsorship agreement with Costa Daurada to promote the region and, incidentally, organize a stages with her women’s team in the Catalan region.

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