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How to lose weight FAST arms? Do this Korean exercise to remove ‘bat wings’

The korean exercise routines They are a trend in the world fitness for the incredible results they achieve just by following various techniques. That’s why in Panoramawe set ourselves the task of searching ONE exercise only to help you completely eliminate the ‘bat wings’ under this worldwide technique that has caught the attention of many coaches.

As in everything, the constancy is the key factor, so we suggest you do this exercise daily for at least 15 minutes. If you can, do it at various times of the day. The best thing is that you can do it in anywhere and in any position.

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Why do ‘bat wings’ appear?

the passage of time and the lack of exercise they make our skin begin to lose its firmness and elasticityso it is normal that we begin to see that the ‘bat wings’ They make their appearance in our arms. It is advisable to carry out routines that allow us to recover the firmness of the furas well as consume vitamins that encourage the production of collagen.

For this reason the ‘bat wings’ appear | Pexels

How to lose weight FAST arms? Do this Korean exercise to remove ‘bat wings’

This exercise is ideal for our arms stand firm again and let’s forget about the also known ‘salt shaker arms’. Preferably stay standing in position firmbut you can also do it sitting with the Straight back. Stretch the arms toward forward and let them firm. Now, open and close your fists.

The results are impressive, because you will strengthen the muscle of all the arm and soon you will notice that you no longer have the ‘bat wings’.

Exercise to eliminate ‘bat wings’ | YouTube / Hanna Korean

Repeat this exercise to remove the ‘bat wings’ daily for at least 15 minutes. The more perseverance you have, the greater and better results you will have.

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