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How to run and meditate at the same time?

You can run and meditate at the same time, did you know? Find out how you can implement both activities and how you can carry them out in your day to day.

How to run and meditate at the same time?

Last update: March 18, 2023

Running and meditating at the same time can seem a bit curious.even unbelievable. Hearing about this type of activity is normal, especially if it is about building a routine based on healthy lifestyle habits. However, both running and meditation are often done separately, especially since one activity takes place on courses in different environments, while the other is done in controlled spaces.

What would you think if we told you that running and meditating are done at the same time? Your surprised face is probably a bit exaggerated, but yes, both activities coexist at the same time.

Following this statement you probably have more doubts than certaintiesso we will try to answer them together.

Running and meditating at the same time, is it possible?

As mentioned above, running and meditating at the same time is possible. There is even a practice called ‘mindful running’, which combines both activities in one in order to favor body and mind.

This kind of practice stands out as one of the main alternatives when it comes to running and meditatingwhich is why it has been used by a large number of people focused on the subject for some time.

mindful running or conscious race

Conscious running is used by countless athletes in order to train and focus their mind on said training. It may seem elementary, but on many occasions you do not concentrate when trainingwhich makes this alternative an important practice.

He mindful running allows you to meditate and run at the same time through conscious running.

In summary, it is an option that you can implement in your weekly routine, through which you combine the running and meditation. Ideally, you should be aware of your body, of everything that surrounds him and of each movement made; which includes breathing and running technique.

Running and meditating, how to do it?

The ‘mindful running’ is an option to run and meditate at the same time, but it is not the only alternative to carry it out. In order to implement this combination it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, which you cannot ignore. In addition, you should not fear a new experience, especially if it brings you physical benefits and psychological at the same time.

Eliminate distractions

The first crucial factor to meditate and run at the same time focuses on distractions. If you are distracted you probably cannot meditate and the whole combination is in vain.

Therefore, make sure that any type of distraction, internal or external, is fully eliminated before starting your routine. Your thoughts are the first thing to eliminate, especially if it is negative or recurrent ruminations. Remember that normally ‘we are what we think’, so you could not carry out a good deed if you think badly about it. If you can’t remove them, try to change them for positive thoughts or that give you a sense of tranquility.

Besides, external distractions should not be overlooked. If you find something that impedes your concentration, try to avoid it at all costs and with the passage of time you will do so more easily.

choose a meditation

Before beginning your journey, it is necessary to choose a meditation focused on the running. Currently there are many options on the internet, especially in training applications.

Therefore, days before carrying out your tour, we recommend you choose the mantra that best suits your taste. Nevertheless, We advise you to vary the meditations so that running and meditating At the same time, it does not become a monotonous activity.

Know the route

On more than one occasion you have little time to run and meditate at the same time due to daily tasks. Despite this context, You must make a space in your agenda to know what the route is What do you intend to do during your routine? It is not about implementing a complex or very long route, you can even take a short route near your home; the important thing is to start and take it easy.

Changing the course is one way to motivate yourself to run.

In case you want to change the route we advise you the same. Try to know the route first and then you can use it without problems.

breathe correctly

The breathing It is essential when running and meditating, now imagine what it is like to combine both activities into one. Performing a correct breath involves focusing on the proper technique. To do this you must take the air deeply through the nose and expel it through the mouth.

Added to the above, You can also resort to breathing exercises at restjust before starting or at intervals during the course of the route.

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