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How Yoga Changed My Life!!! | My Yoga Journey

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Hey guys! In in the present day’s video I’m speaking about how yoga has modified my life!!! Yoga has allowed me to search out peace inside my body and decrease my stress ranges like no different! When you observe yoga you concentrate on the right here and now. Yoga has solely introduced constructive modifications inside my life, if you’re occupied with giving yoga a strive GO FOR IT!

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  1. May Ortiz

    April 24, 2020 at 10:50 am

    Hey! What lipstick are you wearing at the very beginning? It’s so pretty

  2. Ben Norton

    April 27, 2020 at 8:26 am

    I'm just starting my yoga journey and your video was really inspirational. Thank you!!!

  3. Anindita Sarkar

    April 28, 2020 at 3:25 pm

    I love how your videos are short and relevant. You don't spend unnecessary time in talking about stuffs that don't apply with the headings. Thank you for that. You get what you read!

  4. Marisel Cruz

    May 1, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    How long did it take you to lose the 50lbs?

  5. Prasad Kokate

    May 1, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Yoga have been a life changing practice for ages and generations and glad to see it spreading across the globe.

    Apart from that your video is nice keep it up . Love from india .

    You are cute though ?

  6. Li Li

    May 1, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    Love u

  7. Brooklyn Costinett

    May 2, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    “Joined thé military, gained 50lbs” GIIIIRL!!!! That’s why I’ve been watching your videos. I enlisted in the coast guard in 2016 and went from 115 to 180 🙁 I’m sitting at 150 now and trying to find new methods to drop the last 30lbs. Glad to see you thriving!!! Would love to see more military themed videos if that’s something that youre comfortable with!!!!

  8. Destiny Owen

    May 6, 2020 at 11:10 pm

    I love this flow. My channel has some great classes too:) I’d love for you to check it out?

  9. Sean Milligan

    May 10, 2020 at 9:03 pm

    Damn I just fell in love with yoga and you in one video??

  10. Mari Rodriguez

    May 19, 2020 at 6:56 am

    Great job! Good for you. I definitely subbed. ?? #ManyBlessings


    May 20, 2020 at 11:18 am

    Girl I m from india and I am also losing weight with yoga , I love yoga now ?

  12. Jessica Kelly

    May 23, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    This is amazing and so informational. Glad you shared your journey ❤

  13. Sriharsha Koduru

    May 24, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Good to see that India's ancient wisdom being adopted by the west. ?

  14. Blessed Soul

    May 25, 2020 at 2:07 pm

    What I loved the most in this video is how real it was. No drama, no show off, no sort of pretentiousness at all. I loved each and every second. Thank you so much for being real!

  15. Sandy Red

    May 25, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    I know I chose the right type of yoga because when I checked for which one I'm doing, just so happens to be vinyasa and you said vinyasa??! First time yogi and I'm loving so far! Almost 2 weeks in!? I'll try 5 days a week next week! Thank you for your video!

  16. Manish Chauhan

    June 1, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    Yoga Transformed Me After a Scoliosis Diagnosis, see here https://www.strengthyogi.com/yoga-transformed-me-after-a-scoliosis-diagnosis/

  17. amanda H

    June 3, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Glorious hair! Jealous ?

  18. Sheena

    June 8, 2020 at 5:00 am

    It's great that you're learning yoga – however your intentions seem superficial. The branded boxes and bags behind you and the "How I Lost 50 pounds!" video (which is up next thanks to YouTube's Autoplay feature) suggests that you don't yet understand the purpose of yoga and meditation. I hope you evolve to higher vibrations and gain a enlightened sense of consciousness. All the best for your journey!

  19. versages versages

    June 20, 2020 at 2:14 am

    I’ve been binge watching these “i have done yoga for 365 days” videos and litterally in every video they say so casually “i have anxiety and depression, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety” and i’m like. Do they even know what they are talking about? Either it’s true and they did recover which is very nice, or they just use the words casually because its some kind of modern slang? Idk just weird feels. Not talking about you but just in general.

  20. versages versages

    June 20, 2020 at 2:16 am

    This video seem trustworthy. Nice solid information. I have been doing yoga at home from an app, i guess its time to go to actual yoga class now.

  21. Cece

    June 21, 2020 at 8:01 am

    I love yoga i sleep more better n faster, it relieves all tension on my body its fantastic i do this and meditation its helps your mental health i suffer from anxiety and depression so this helped me not to have panic attacks past 3 weeks,iv also been going for walks by local river if any1 is suffering try these 3 things you will feel like you again

  22. Marketa Roundtree

    July 1, 2020 at 11:30 pm

    I didn’t know you were in the military!!!! ???? love your videos

  23. Mind Explosion

    July 6, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    You are gorgeous

  24. Marina Di Roberto

    July 9, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    In how much time have you Lost Weight?
    Sorry for the bad english

  25. Katherine Gonzalez

    July 9, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    I am the same way. I also found the gym intimidating and I don’t know what to do in there. I decided to try yoga and the option that I chose was sunrise yoga at the recreation center on my university’s campus, and I began to feel confident in my journey because it was something that I could keep up with and enjoyed.

  26. Keyllua

    July 16, 2020 at 10:00 pm

    Signing up for my first class today

  27. SouL -Annihilator

    July 19, 2020 at 10:04 am

    Are you a vegetarian yogi ?

  28. Audrey-Anne Bertrand

    July 30, 2020 at 12:52 am

    If you want to know the story behind the Bickram yoga I propose you to listen to the show on Netflix..

  29. Symone Reid

    August 5, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    I really connected to how you mentioned wanting to be like those yogis on Instagram doing advanced balances and feeling unhappy with a lack of ability to do them but genuinely the journey of learning not just the pose but about yourself is so fun, enlightening, and fulfilling that I wouldn’t have it any other way. I remember the first day I successful held crow pose, my first arm balance, and promptly fell to the floor with my legs out and my cheek on the mat and I laughed and laughed! There is a great deal of joy in the humility you can gain from your own vulnerability. Namaste ❤️

  30. Rae Bryant

    August 12, 2020 at 4:18 am

    LMAO @ "HIppie dippie bullshit". TBH before I started practicing thats exactly what I thought. Im 4 months in to my journey and I've started to experience alot of the things you mentioned. Thank you for sharing <3

  31. Claudia Guzman

    August 13, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    I love your videos they’re so informative and straight to the point you motivate me everyday! ❤️ I’ve started doing intermittent fasting and trying out yoga and I’ve lost 6lb In two weeks and I absolutely love it! Also what are the best times to workout while intermittent fasting?

  32. Delisha Pinto

    August 14, 2020 at 12:39 am

    I love your hair…. Such beautiful curls! ❤️

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