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I Lived Like Matilda Djerf for a Week—7 Things I Learned

What’s the secret to getting the “Scandi-girl” look that everyone is currently after?

If I look around me and at my own style, I would say that it is about being comfortable and really finding what works for you. I feel like the “Scandi look” is minimalistic but still out there; it’s about the small details in the outfit. 

From your personal life to cultural icons, who are the people that have had the biggest impact on your style?

I have a difficult time pinpointing one person, but like everyone else, of course I get inspired by scrolling through social media, Pinterest, and looking at archived photos. Most of all, my mom has inspired me throughout the years. She has inspired me to always stick to what feels true to me.

What are your favorite brands?

Djerf Avenue, of course. I wear Djerf Avenue every day, every week. Other brands I love are Orseund Iris, Aya Muse, Wardrobe.NYC, and vintage shopping. 

How would you describe your go-to beauty look?

Simple, but big hair! 

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