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I tried viral TikTok Gua Sha skincare routine to smooth lines and lift skin – review

Gua Sha skincare routines have been all the rage on TikTok, with beauty and skincare influencers showing how to use the ancient East Asian tool to benefit the skin. Gua Sha, pronounced gwa sha, is a treatment that uses a jade or rose-quartz stone with smooth edges to gently scrape along the skin.

It is thought that the routine can help to relax muscles, boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.

In Chinese medicine, the stone has been used to treat heat stroke and even viruses in the body. However, in skincare, it is claimed to have aesthetic and relaxing benefits, although there haven’t been a lot of studies done to determine just how beneficial the tool really is.

Gua sha tools are now widely available, though I picked up my Gua Sha as part of a jade roller set from Amazon for just £6.49. I then scoured TikTok for some tips on how to put it to use.

I followed a routine by skin and beauty influencer Jordyn Wood, who shares videos with her audience of 91.7K followers on the page @jordyn_wood. She has been using the gua sha as part of her morning routine for a year and says she has witnessed a “transformation” on her face.

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In her video, she explained: I have been doing this every morning consistently for a year. There are some amazing Gua Sha routines on TikTok this is just what I do and what has worked for me.”

She begins by applying facial oil to her skin to help the tool glide along the skin. “Use any oil that your face tolerates or that you have on hand,” she explained.

“You can use baby oil, vitamin E oil, honestly anything works great but you really want that glide.”

Jordyn uses the tool to glide along the lymph nodes, before moving onto the jaw, cheeks, bridge of the nose and around the eye area. It is the eye area in particular where she claims to have seen the most difference. “This right here has been great for lifting my eyes,” she said. “My mum has hooded eyes, I am starting to get hooded eyes a little bit so I feel like that has helped.”

Jordyn recommends passing the tool over on each area of the face approximately five times. She finishes the routine by gliding back down the lymph nodes and along the collarbones, making about 10 passes each time.

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What I thought of the Gua Sha routine

I’ve been using the Gua Sha tool as part of my morning and nighttime skincare routine for the last two weeks. Although I don’t think the tool has the capability to turn back the clock on any fine lines I have developed, I do think it could be a helpful preventative measure.

I found the tool to be particularly useful when focusing on the eye area during my morning routine. The Gua Sha helped to wake up my tired eyes and occasionally I pop it in the fridge for about 10 minutes to provide an extra cooling and soothing effect.

As part of my nighttime routine, I found a few extra minutes spent with the Gua Sha tool helped me to relax and unwind.

While I don’t necessarily think the Gua Sha is a magic solution, the massaging benefits of the tool have added an enjoyable aspect to my self-care routine.

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