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If all your physical activity is a sport, you are playing it

Any physical activity is positive. Fighting a sedentary lifestyle is a matter of health, not aesthetics. Many people are satisfied when they feel that they have fulfilled walking 10,000 steps,even if it’s not enough , or going to that little game of football, basketball or paddle tennis with co-workers or friends of the youth. Practicing a sport has the enormous advantage of making exercise fun, even more so if it’s in company. But it is starting to be much more frequent than it should be to find people who are injured, more or less seriously, in that ‘Thursday party’ that your body accepted much better at twenty than at forty. It is necessary to question whether we are achieving a global improvement in our health by practicing a sport or if, with the passing of the years, the fun decreases and the risk increases. Any setback in the form of an injury can end in the almost total abandonment of any physical activity. Sooner than later.

Being self-critical, it is a reality that this game in which we feel for a few moments like a sports star is actually hurting us, because our physical condition is not ready to do a sprint, change direction or stretch to hit a difficult ball. From a health point of view, training focused on global improvement is healthier than practicing a specific sport.

Feeling like the new Gasol after several weeks without leaving the chair and the computer, is not a good idea. Beware of those informal games with friends. – Photo Unsplash

Sport vs exercise, which is better?

It does not need much explanation, it is clear that the best is to combine physical exercise and sports practice, but let’s imagine what would happen in a hypothetical ‘versus’ taking as reference some indicators of performance and body composition such as strength, size, percentage of fat, flexibility and resistance. Suppose a 40-year-old man has imposed himself

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