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Increasingly fitness: Jlo’s incredible body, despite shamelessly leaving her strict diet

The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, better known as Jlo, has an impressive body that many cannot believe that it is a woman over 50 years of age. Everything, she owes it to her eating plan, although she is not as “religious” as many think.

jlo He is always giving people something to talk about, since whether it is due to his professional or personal life, he does not stop impressing his millions of fans. For example, she did so after posting a photo of her in which he displayed his statuesque body last Valentine’s Day.

Many still cannot believe that it is a woman who is already 53 years old. Everything, as will be logical, he owes it to his good eating habits, physical activity, and why not, to her money. Although she shamelessly succumbs to some whims.

Regarding the latter, it is worth remembering when the artist was seen with her husband, Ben Affleck, leaving a fast food restaurant. The most impressive thing was to see her inside the car eating a super hamburger, French fries and having a caloric soft drink.

However, jlo you can afford to consume ultra-processed “eventually” since you prioritize fresh, organic whole foods most of the time. Also, as a snack, opt for nuts. Eat high-quality protein and choose products with high nutritional value.

That is why, although jlo occasionally visits that establishment famous for offering ultra-processed products, it can be shown as in the recent postcard that she has published on her Instagram account, in which she looks in a bikini and in Affleck’s arms, while showing off her impressive “great beach body”.

Jlo on Valentine’s Day showing off her spectacular body. Photo: Instagram

Jlo eating hamburgers and breaking her diet. Photo: Univision

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