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Increasingly fitness: the incredible body of one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret at 41 years old

If anyone knows how to build a supermodel body, it’s Adriana Lima, who, in addition to adopting a highly effective diet, dedicates her time to physical activities that help her tone up and burn a large number of calories.

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian supermodel, who is known for having been one of Victoria’s Secret Angels from 1999 to 2018. It is to be expected, as a result of her successful career, that she has a heritage that makes her live among many luxuries and eccentricities.

According to the information provided by the web portal specialized in the fortunes of the great personalities of the world Celebrity Net Worthhas a heritage that amounts to at least 95 million dollars.

But not only the money is what surprises Adriana Lima, also his physique, which is ultimately his gold mine. According to what was reported by the magazine Harper’s Baazar, the supermodel to maintain her body usually eats a lot of green smoothies, fresh fruit and vegetables. Also vitamins daily and many herbal teas.

Likewise, he stressed that exercises are also part of his most effective methods, not only to lose weight when required, but also to add or maintain muscle mass. “You don’t get her way of life back after having children, so I have to train really hard to be in good shape,” she once said.

About the specific discipline that Adriana Lima likes to practice, according to the newspaper ACEis boxing, whose practice is beneficial because it increases physical resistance, is healthy for the heart, improves agility, increases bone mass, spends a large number of calories and tones muscles.

Fruits and green juices are part of Adriana Lima’s diet: Real Time

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