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Increasingly fitness: the incredible body that Tini Stoessel wears before Rodrigo de Paul

Tini Stoessel simply does not know what it is to gain weight. She says that her genetics favor her, however, she uses certain tricks to keep her metabolism revved up. She is the current girlfriend of soccer player Rodrigo de Paul, who undoubtedly seems very much in love with her. She is not for less, the singer, besides being talented, she is very beautiful.

Martina Stoessel known as Tini Stoessel or simply Tini, is an Argentine actress and singer who achieved international fame with her role in Violetta, a Disney Channel soap opera, which is currently widely watched by millions of people, especially Latin Americans.

It is known that the artist does not essentially use diets to maintain her slender figure. In fact, her thinness has been the reason for criticism from her millions of followers. However, tini She has pointed out on more than one occasion that she “cannot gain weight” because her genetics do not help her. Besides, she doesn’t want to do it.

Currently, she is the girlfriend of the Argentina national team player —which was proclaimed world champion in Qatar— Rodrigo de Paul, who is seen to be quite in love with Tini Stoessel, who in turn, apart from being very talented, is beautiful.

Although tini She attributes her slender figure to genetics, the truth is that she knows how to manage her diet in the best way, like her boyfriend, who is more expert due to his football career. For example, in one of his meals Tini usually includes yogurt, fruit, eggs, avocado, toast and mate. It is not common for him to have a high caloric intake, which benefits him a lot to regulate his weight.


In addition, Pablo Benabida, National Physical Education coach and director of Espacio Regenerativo, specified, according to what was reported on the web portal of The nationthat the singer also spends hours preparing physically through exercises.

He indicated that during a tour of Europe, it was necessary for tini would get in tune. “It was important to work on aerobic capacity, since during the recitals the deployment on stage becomes very rigorous. At all times I accompany her with a healthy and varied diet, since her biotype allowed it,” she commented.

She added that she was prescribed practice in aerobic circuits. “It was done within what is functional training: he jumped fences, he threw balls, he did things that do the function of bending over, stopping, jumping, throwing. This is how he prepared himself to be able to have more air. This extra effort gave him the possibility to sing, move and not shake,” he said.

Tini Stoessel is shown in a bikini and attributes her progress to her diet and exercise. Photo: The Nation

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