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India Martínez boasts of a strong sister and becomes a weight for her

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    India Martínez has become one of the celebrities we do not lose sight of, not only because of her routines fitness, loaded with new exercises that we quickly signed to be able to include in ours, but also because of that endless energy and their desire to bet and dare with different sports to break the monotony that some sports routines can create. We love to see in networks how the artist gives everything surfing, but also on the elliptical or with a series of exercises to tone the abdomen. There is no physical proof that resists the singer.

    India Martínez boasts of a strong sister and becomes a weight for her

    On the occasion of her sister’s birthday, India Martínez has uploaded a few photos and videos to Instagram compiling some of the most notable moments between them, among which we have been surprised by a video where we can see how India Martínez becomes a weight that her Sister Laura Martínez stands up, demonstrating enormous strength in her arms.

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    The artist has not hesitated to show off the power of her sister’s muscles, who in front of the camera lifts India Martínez quite easily. Something that has made it clear that the artist’s sister trains the upper body quite frequently, focusing especially on the area of ​​her arms.

    Among the images we have been able to appreciate that clear relationship of friendship between them, which has grown since they were little girls and has crystallized over time. Snapshots ranging from a jump into the water with a liana, a meal together in a restaurant or a photograph just taken from the trunk of memories that portrays both sisters in their childhood. We love them!

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