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India Martínez puts her gym routine red hot with an ideal look

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    India Martínez is one of those who gives her all every time she goes to the gym on each machine and each movement. We know that sports like surfing have become your favorites when it comes to enjoying the summer, but the cold months, cardio routines along with exercises to define the muscles of the core become your day-to-day essentials, in a routine in which you combine exercise with a good nutrition.

    India Martínez puts her gym routine red hot with a looks ideal

    India Martínez has shared with her followers on Instagram, a video in which she appears on the elliptical in the gym giving everything to the rhythm of the new hit by Karol G and Shakira: TQG. The singer records her resistance on the machine while she does cardio and exercises her entire body, although what has especially stolen our attention from her has been the set of red top and leggings. A looks risky It couldn’t make you feel better.

    India Martínez’s sports set has not only won us over for its vibrant tone, perfect for adding a touch of color to the outfits of the gym, but also for forming a looks The ideal monochromatic color, which combines perfectly with white sneakers, an all-terrain pair capable of blending in perfectly with all kinds of sports outfits.

    If India had to opt for a color there would be no doubt that it would go “everything on red”. It is clear that the ensemble has completely stolen our hearts because of its tone, but also because it fits like a glove on the singer. That is why we have set out in search of sports sets similar with which to get to be divine doing cardio.

    sports top



    Sports mesh



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