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India Martínez shares a photo with a supernatural physique posing in a bikini with her sister

India Martínez has set the networks on fire after publishing a post in which She and her sister Laura Martínez pose in bikinis. The image has unleashed an avalanche of likes and comments praising the incredible figures of both and that is that those ultra-defined abs, as well as their firm buttocks and with that much-desired effect push up They have left us speechless. It seems that in addition to incredible genetics, the Martinez sisters share a couple of secrets fitness in their sports routines.

The step by step to achieve a defined figure like India Martínez and her sister

On several occasions, India has shared with her followers a few snapshots with her sisters. A couple of months ago, the singer congratulated Laura, the youngest of the three, on Instagram, where a video in which India Martínez became a weight for her sister who showed that she had enormous strength in her arms slipped into the carousel of memories together. the arms.

After recording the Incredible upper body condition of India Martinez’s sister, both reappear together in networks boasting of a great guy in a bikini. And it is that the two are faithful sports lovers, including in their exercise routines circuits to tone and define certain areas of the body such as abs and buttocks, as well as disciplines such as surfing, in which the singer has already demonstrated her progress on the table.

Aviner paddle surf board and accessories

Aviner paddle surf board and accessories

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