Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a 60-Year-Old Fitness Freak, Claimed He Is “Always Mistaken for Being About 20 Years Younger” Earlier This Year

Arnold Schwarzenegger conquered the sport of bodybuilding. However, the seven-time Mr. Olympia was more than a champion. Schwarzenegger is a pioneer who popularized the sport and busted myths, inspiring millions of aspiring bodybuilders. Among those who idolize the bodybuilding icon is the dedicated 60-year-old fitness fanatic Perry Higley from Chelmsford. The Englishman is a fitness freak who began working out when he was 20. However, while most people slow down with age, the father of seven is going strong at 60. Higley says his lifestyle revolves around staying fit and eating clean. People who meet Higley for the first time often think he is much younger

Earlier this year, Perry Higley talked about the workout routine he follows. So what exactly it is? Let us find out.


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Why the Arnold Schwarzenegger fan looks 40

In an interview with Essex Live, Mr. Higley revealed his quest to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Chelmsford man said he goes to the gym six times a week with only one rest day. However, Perry Higley’s hard work has paid off. “I’m always mistaken for being about 20 years younger than I am,” Higley told Essex Live. He said there are no secrets.

“It’s just training and diet,” said the 60-year-old. Higley also said 70% of why he looks so much younger is that he follows a strict diet. However, the rest of the 30% is about working hard in the gym. While he sometimes skips a rigorous workout, “When you walk back out the door after a session, it makes it all worthwhile.”

The 60-year-old also said many people are jealous of his physique and accuse him of taking shortcuts. However, Higley never gets riled up about what people have to say. Like his idol, who still puts in the hard work, Higley believes nothing comes easy. Higley said those who accuse him of taking steroids are too lazy. 


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The diet that fuels Perry Higley

The 60-year-old consumes a high-protein diet. For breakfast, the fitness fanatic has six egg whites with oat milk. Higley also adds nuts and berries like blueberries and almonds. The Chelmsford resident’s lunch consists of chicken breast and sweet potato. Higley roasts the breast and seasons the dish with peri-peri seasoning. Higley also snacks on protein bars daily.

Besides healthy snacks, the Arnold Schwarzenegger fan has coffee with breakfast and two liters of squash a day. However, the squash is sugar-free, and he rarely drinks alcohol. Dinner is his last substantial meal for the day. Higley regularly eats broccoli and sweet potato with an 8oz steak (sirloin) for dinner. Every day, the 60-year-old consumes around 3000 calories.


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