Internship to a successful career

From being an intern to having a long-lasting career, these success tales haven’t occurred solely as soon as at Runtastic.

In the tech trade, senior expertise is at all times in excessive demand. While that is true at Runtastic, we additionally nurture and help people who find themselves beginning their careers by providing internships that permit them to acquire useful skilled expertise. 

We know that the junior worker of at this time may turn out to be the senior worker of tomorrow. For this purpose, all of our internships are designed to be as hands-on as attainable.  At Runtastic, we consider that studying comes from motion and that it’s crucial to embrace errors made alongside the best way—for this reason studying from failure can be one of our values

Bianca, one in every of our Talent Scouts, began her Runtastic journey as an intern and shares her private expertise that led her to turn out to be a everlasting member of the crew.

Bianca, Talent Scout

Bianca, Talent Scout 

“I started my journey at Runtastic as an intern. While looking for jobs after finishing my master’s degree, I stumbled upon a job ad for Runtastic. Unfortunately, I learned shortly before my second interview that the position got filled, and I was asked if I would also be interested in an internship. 

Honestly, I was not so excited at first as I wanted a permanent position, and I had already done several internships throughout my studies. However, I had such a great candidate experience. I could really see myself working with the people I met, and I felt that the culture of Runtastic would fit perfectly with my personality and interests/values. 

So, I decided to join the company for a 4-month internship in their Talent Acquisition team. I was super excited and motivated as it was the first time for me to work in an international work environment and also because I wanted to show my potential for a permanent position. 

During the internship, I was regularly talking to my team lead about the possibility of joining Runtastic permanently, however, there was no open position until one of our team members decided to pursue another opportunity. Because of that, there was finally the chance for me to stay. 

When my team lead asked me if I’d be interested in taking over this position, I was so overwhelmed by joy and relief as I didn’t want to work anywhere else, so that was really like a dream come true for me. 

I am working at Runtastic as a permanent team member for more than a year now and I am still super happy to be part of the team. Doing the internship and going the extra mile was definitely worth it!” 

Bianca will not be the one intern whose expertise led her to be a valued member of our crew. Here are three extra former Runtastic interns whose journeys not solely led them to have long-standing careers with us but additionally allowed for supportive collaboration with teammates alongside the best way.  

Ivana, iOS Engineer

Ivana, iOS Engineer 

“When I just joined Runtastic as an intern, I got a buddy, who is the person that is a mentor for the intern. He explained to me all the processes and ways of working in the company. There was a lot of new information to catch up on, but it was quite easy as we have great colleagues who are always ready to help if needed. 

I was using the apps personally even before joining, and that was already a good motivation for me to want to stay as a full-time employee. Even though I knew that internship does not promise a full-time position, after some months at Runtastic, I hoped to stay on, and thankfully as someone left I got the opportunity. The uncertainty was stressful but worth it.

The best thing for me was the team and the company culture in general. Of course, it helps when you work in a field you’re interested in but having great people around you creates a perfect work environment.”

Tatiana, Social Media Manager

Tatiana, Social Media Manager

“When I applied for an internship, the role I was interested in was not available, so I wanted to be added to the talent pool. It took a couple of months, but eventually, a position suitable for me was opened and I was able to join the Social Media Team. As I studied in a completely different field, I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to switch to another, more interesting area.

During my 4-month internship, I deepened my existing knowledge and learned a lot of new things. My team was extremely supportive and open to answering any questions, so, naturally, when the option to continue full-time came up, I had to say yes!

Thanks to the internship I went from someone with no education or experience in the field to a trusted Social Media Manager of global channels on various platforms, with plenty of opportunities and freedom to explore new ideas and trends.” 

Raphael, Backend Engineer

Raphael, Backend Engineer 

“I did my studies-related internship as a backend engineer with Runtastic in February 2021. One aspect that I really enjoyed about it is that I never felt like an intern at all. From day one onwards, my mentor treated me like a full-fledged developer and assigned both exciting and challenging tasks to me. 

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, there was an open position and I have now returned as a full-time employee! As I have been through the process before, I could pretty much pick up with my work where I left off.”

Join the crew!

Ready to study and develop? Check out our job openings the place you would possibly discover a good match. , Or for those who don’t see the suitable alternative for you there, apply to our Talent Community as Tatiana did. 

At Runtastic, we welcome everybody, and no, you don’t need to be sporty to be a part of the crew. 

Let us know in your Motivational Letter why Runtastic is the right place for you to acquire hands-on skilled expertise and why you like what you’re doing. To discover out extra data relating to our hiring and software course of and the way to put together for an interview with us, go to our career page


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