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Interval Training for Boxing Video with Cherokee

First week: basic boxing training: displacements and distances

Second week: boxing interval training

Second March training!

This March we return to functional training with Abraham Cherokee Redondo, the new face of ‘Men’s Health Coach of the Month’, an action with which we present a fitness talent every month of this year 2023 who will guide us for four weeks.

Cherokee, March Coach at Men’s Health

known as @abrahamredondo in social networks and trainer in @cdjosevalenciano as well as founder of @arnoldfighters, our new trainer of the month has prepared a series of routines for us for these four weeks with boxing and Muay Thai as protagonists: “Contact sports are one of the most complete there is, since you train resistance, strength, speed, the power… And the adrenaline you generate makes you more active and reduces stress. Coordination and concentration. And these routines are intended to familiarize whoever sees us with the basics of boxing and muay thai.”

boxing interval training

Follow our coach’s advice for correct technique.


1- Work at maximum speed in a 30″ x 30″ sack covered with shade.

2- Speed ​​series 15″ x 15″ power with directs 1 and 2.

3- Work in a 30″ x 30″ bag and push-ups.

4- Direct with speed 20″ x 20″ climbing x 20″ and shadow recovery.

Abraham Redondo “Cherokee”

Boxing and Muay Thai trainer at the José Valenciano Sports Club.

Coach of the Spanish Muay Thai team.

Sports promoter, CEO & FOUNDER of Arnold Fighters in the contact sports department of the Arnold Schwarzenegger multi-sports festival.

Secretary General of the Madrid Kickboxing and Muay Thai Delegation.

Text: Roberto Cabezas – @robberpau
Video: Luis Cárcamo
Photo: Ana Ruiz – @anitart
Grooming: @albertodugarteinstitute
Overall look:
Sport equipment: @
evergyfitness and @leone1947.spain

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