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Is My Body Fat Percentage Healthy? ᐅ Calculator & Chart

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As a society we’ve sadly been conditioned to concentrate on the quantity on the dimensions as an indicator of how bodily healthy or match we’re. No matter whether or not the scale is your best friend or worst enemy, there are literally higher methods to search out out what’s going on in your body – one in all them is studying about body composition.

 Body composition…

…is the measure of fats mass to lean tissue within the body. This indicator can let you know about your bodily health and your fitness level

A young woman is doing a workout

Strong Muscles = Lower Risk of Injury

We know that having lean muscle tissue has heaps of advantages: getting stronger, decreasing threat of damage, supporting a healthy way of life for the longer term (if you’re older!) as muscle usually tends to deteriorate. The National Institute of Health concluded in a study that muscle strength declines from folks aged <40 years to these >40 years between 16.6% and 40.9%. The threat of falling and breaking bones will increase on account of diminished muscle strength and bone loss over the age of 40. A sedentary way of life accelerates this course of. The body fats share additionally rises on account of a redistribution of saved body fats, which heightens the chance of power illnesses like hypertension, excessive ldl cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes. 

Have an Expert Test Your Body Fat Percentage

(1) Bioelectrical impedance evaluation (BIA)

Bioelectrical impedance (BIA) is without doubt one of the most exact and dependable strategies to find out body composition. This methodology measures the opposition to the stream {of electrical} present via body tissue. A weak electrical discipline is created via two electrodes on a hand and foot. Don’t fear – it doesn’t damage! BIA is the popular measurement methodology in drugs and sports activities drugs as a result of it’s so quick and straightforward to do. If you need to discover out whether or not your body fats share is healthy, ask a dietician.

The following parameters will be decided with BIA:

  • Body fats
  • Lean body mass
  • Total body water
  • Muscle mass

Bioelectrical impedance machine for testing body fat

(2) Hydrostatic weighing

Hydrostatic weighing makes its calculation primarily based on water displacement. Weight is in contrast outdoors of water and in water to calculate density and thus the body composition. If you’re on this methodology, you’ll have to discover a location in your space that gives this methodology often a medical facility.

Hydrostatic weighing makes its calculation based on water displacement.

How to Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage at Home

There are additionally methods to calculate your body fats share at residence. These are, nonetheless, not as correct because the strategies above. They can provide you a common concept of the place you stand.

(1) Skin calipers

This is completed by pinching 3 completely different pores and skin folds within the body — the measurements of your body fats share will be learn immediately on the instrument. It’s the best to do at residence with a pal or along with your coach. However, this methodology isn’t usually environment friendly for overweight folks and might have a big margin of error if being completed by completely different professionals. If you might be utilizing this methodology, remember to have the identical person do it so that you can guarantee a extra correct comparability. It’s not the most exact of all of the strategies, however doesn’t take a lot time in any respect. The benefit is that it’s a fast method to measure. 

Measuring body fat with a caliper

(2) US Navy Method

If you need to calculate your body fats share utilizing the US Navy Method, all you want is a measuring tape to measure completely different components of your body. The factors at which you measure are completely different for males and women. 

If you want to calculate your body fat percentage using the US Navy Method, all you need is a measuring tape to measure different parts of your body.

How to measure accurately:

  • Waist circumference: wrap the measuring tape round your waist on the height of your navel. Measure when you’re relaxed after exhaling.
  • Neck circumference: measure your neck slightly below the Adam’s apple. 
  • Hip circumference (just for women): measure on the widest a part of your hips.

Use this calculator to calculate your body fats share:

So You Measured Your Body Fat Percentage — Is it Within the Healthy Range?

Normal and borderline ranges

The desk under will help you discover out what vary you might be in:(1)

Body Fat Percentage Ranges & Rating for Men

Table: Body Fat Percentage Ranges & Rating for Men (low, healthy, overweight, obese)

Body Fat Percentage Ranges & Rating for Women

Table: Body Fat Percentage Ranges & Rating for Women (low, healthy, overweight, obese)


A low body fats share will not be essentially healthy. It may also be the results of an unhealthy way of life (smoking, alcohol, medication…).

Why are the ranges completely different for males and women?

Women have a median of 5% extra body fats than males. The body wants fats to maintain the hormone stage balanced. Body fats (inside the healthy vary) is essential for supporting reproductive organs and permitting women to have an everyday and healthy menstrual cycle — a fertility indicator.

In a Nutshell: Aim for the Healthy Middle

Body fat is essential for our health. It offers power, protects and insulates our organs, and regulates the manufacturing of hormones. Too a lot body fats is related to larger ldl cholesterol and blood stress, each of which may result in cardiovascular issues and strokes. The threat of Type 2 diabetes can also be larger. However, in case your body fats is simply too low, you lack power, usually tend to get sick, and get chilly quicker. You could endure from digestive issues, and low body fats can have a damaging impression in your bone density and hormone stage. The healthiest route is to goal for the center of the vary.

Two young women doing a workout and stretching

Is Your Body Fat Too High or Too Low and also you Want to Change That?

We have a number of tips that will help you get into the healthy vary: 

So now that the weight on the dimensions isn’t the one vital body metric to maintain monitor of. Do your body fats share, or are you now keen to search out out? Let us know within the feedback under.


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