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Jay Cutler has maintained a wealth of bodybuilding knowledge since retirement in 2013. In a recent episode of Cutler Cast, the four-time Mr. Olympia shared his thoughts on the tough lineup and judging controversy following the 2023 Arnold Classic. 

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was renowned for his muscle mass and size. He took part in one of the most iconic rivalries in the sport with eight-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman. Cutler proved to be the one to dethrone ‘The King’ at the 2006 Mr. Olympia contest. This secured him his maiden Sandow trophy in the process. Later on, he racked up three more wins before deciding to hang up his posing trunks.

The former three-time Arnold Classic winner maintains a strong presence in the community by lending his voice to trending topics. Before athletes stormed Ohio, Cutler weighed in on former two-time Mr. Olympia Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay’s chances at the 2023 Arnold Classic. After Ramy’s fall from grace at the latest Olympia, Cutler extended his support for the Egyptian mass monster to pull off an incredible comeback at the event.

Ultimately, rising sensation Samson Dauda took home the top prize, beating runner-up Nick Walker, and third-place finisher Andrew Jacked. Ramy presented an improved package but walked away in fourth. There was debate surrounding the judging of the event as many argued Walker could’ve placed higher. ‘The Mutant’ eventually issued a message to his fans asking them to be respectful about the results and judging. 

Cutler gave his breakdown of the contest earlier this week. While he agreed Walker could’ve won, he did not particularly take issue with Dauda’s victory. He recommended Walker regain the signature freak factor he appeared to have lost in his latest outing. He also continued to rally for Ramy’s potential comeback if he stays focused on the goal and believes in himself.

Former Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout voiced his disapproval of the result and argued the IFBB Pro League judging criteria needed improvements. He conceded Dauda had a better flow to his physique but remained adamant that Walker should have won.

Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler chimed in as well. He thought the judges scored the show correctly as he had Dauda winning from the start. He attributed Dauda’s refined muscle shape and conditioning as the reason for his victory.

Jay Cutler talks about the fierce competition at the 2023 Arnold Classic

In a recent YouTube video, Jay Cutler shared his thoughts on the intense rivalry at the 2023 Arnold Classic.

“I thought the top four really, in all honesty, could’ve been crowned champion,” said Cutler. “I don’t think there was anyone that clearly was head and shoulders above everyone else. That’s my opinion. I’m not a judge. I don’t have that ability. There’s been this question on how do they judge this. The truth is like the audience it sways in a lot of different directions. Right now, the online community is shouting why didn’t Nick Walker win this?”

Cutler talked about the criticism Walker received for the change in his package. He wasn’t confident Walker could defeat Olympia runner-up Derek Lunsford unless he brings back more of his freaky wow factor. 

“I obviously have a relationship with Nick probably more than the other guys. I have that mindset that he was going to win. I knew Samson was coming on strong but Nick beat him by three spots at the Olympia. So, expectations just goes to show you’re automatically, because you place a certain way the show prior doesn’t mean that you can win a contest. Nick Walker, they’re saying lacked that fullness that he had at the Olympia, the illusion.”

“Cutler isn’t too confident Walker could beat Olympia runner-up Derek Lunsford.”

Cutler was impressed with Ramy’s performance and believes the fierce competition level made his road to redemption harder.

“Ramy looked good. I said it, people question me. I said Ramy can come back and be great. He still could win the Olympia I believe. I kind of feel bad because he improved a lot. He was just up against a hell of a lineup. Honestly, I don’t know if there’s ever been a top four lineup like this.”

‘The judges definitely got it right,’ says Cutler

Jay Cutler voiced support for the judges in making the right call. 

“I struggle for the judges a little bit because this was a tough lineup to judge. I wouldn’t want to judge it but I feel like they definitely got it right. I don’t think anyone there questioned it necessarily. I mean unless you’re Nick’s mom or whatever. Like I said, I’d have no problem if Nick won but I’m going to look at it in a realistic way. Being on the other side and not the competitive side, when you know how they judge a bodybuilding show, you look at symmetry, in proportion, and you can’t go pose to pose because that’s like you said it’s the overall look.”

He gave his take on Dauda facing controversy for a well-earned win.

“No one’s knocking the judging the last few times other than now. Of course, they’re shouting Nick should have won, he got robbed, and Andrew Jacked should’ve won, he got robbed. Ramy should have got one, he got robbed. I feel kinda bad for Samson because Samson, he won. He’s coming into his own right. This is the guy that we talked about,” says Cutler. 

Many believe Dauda’s recent victory sends a message to the league that shape and balanced proportions are being favored more at major shows rather than conditioning. 

You can watch the full video below.

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