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Jessica Sepel, Founder Of JSHealth, Shares Her Top Tips On Wellness In 2023

The first month of 2023 is officially coming to an end. With all your best intensions on health and fitness for the New Year, you may still find it difficult to continue a goal-oriented practice that’s both sustainable and enjoyable. Jessica Sepel, nutritionist, author, and founder to the holistic supplement empire JSHealth Vitamins, shares her insight on how to best approach wellness in 2023.

Angela Lei (AL): New Year’s Resolutions: what are your thoughts?

Jessica Sepel (JS): When it comes to keeping resolutions, it is very important you don’t place pressure on yourself to do it all perfectly and follow the “perfect” diet or be too restrictive — often this pressure backfires and we give up altogether. Think, balance, and being kind towards yourself.

You do not need a resolution to diet to live the healthy life! You just need to create positive habits, rituals and routines — and make a few small changes each week. This is the key to long-lasting, sustainable change that you can carry on throughout the year, and even beyond.

AL: Do you have any personal wellness goals for 2023?

JS: My focus is on feeling grounded and peaceful. I personally use the holiday period as a time to switch off for my mental health and take care of myself, so I can start the next year on a wholesome note. From the end of December I log off for two weeks from emails and social media, which I cannot recommend enough. It is transformative.

Ongoing, my wellness goals are to care for my wellbeing by living out the JSHealth principles of a balanced lifestyle — the healthy life in action! This means nourishing my body, whilst being flexible. Exercising in ways I love and embracing rest days. Being kind to myself and practising body love every day.

AL: From a nutrition perspective, why are so many of us suffering from hormonal breakouts, bloating, and poor sleep?

JS: The modern Western diet and food system is characterised by issues such as easy access to processed foods and fast food, lower nutrient levels in soils, and less intake of fibre and antioxidants. Busier lifestyles also mean more stress and less sleep. Food habits such as eating on the go can lead to poorer digestion and less assimilation of nutrients from foods. All of these factors can lead to inflammation, breakouts, bloating and sleep issues.

My top tips are to eat a balanced diet that is rich in colorful foods and includes all the macronutrients (quality fats, protein and complex carbohydrates). Slow down and eat mindfully, making sure you chew. Use stress relief techniques daily, such as meditating, yoga, spending time in nature or a lavender oil bath to unwind (my favorite at the end of the day!). Reduce your use of technology and blue light especially after 8pm as this can affect sleep.

I also recommend choosing some targeted supplements with the guidance of a health professional to support you as needed. For example our Detox + Debloat formula contains Fennel to relieve abdominal bloating, based on Western herbal tradition. Our PM+ Sleep formula is especially created for nighttime and is a key part of my evening routine for a rejuvenating slumber.

AL: Now travelling is firmly back on the cards, what supplements would you recommend for combating fatigue and maintaining a healthy energy level?

JS: A quality greens powder is a great and convenient way to keep up our nutrient intake when travelling and our diets may look a little different with less home cooking. The JSHealth Greens + Collagen is my best friend when travelling for a dose of green super foods along with hydrolysed marine collagen.

I also always have a shelf-stable probiotic on hand (no refrigeration is required so you can throw it into your luggage). This helps to keep our gut microbiome healthy and balanced. Make sure you keep your hydration levels up by consuming enough water, herbal teas and water-rich fruits and vegetables, as flying can be especially dehydrating.

AL: Looking good comes from feeling good from within — what do you recommend for someone who wants to have glowing skin and hair?

JS: I am a huge believer in this! Some of my top tips for inside-out healthy skin and hair are:

● Load up on omega 3 fatty acids. These are very nourishing for our skin and hair, and are also anti-inflammatory.

● Antioxidant-rich foods which help reduce free radicals that are damaging to our skin e.g. vegetables and fruit, colourful foods. Purple is especially high in antioxidants (beets and blueberries)!

● Enjoy foods high in zinc and vitamin C as these help to maintain skin health and vitamin C assists with collagen production. Try kiwi fruit, capsicum, citrus fruits, spinach, animal protein, pumpkin seeds, oysters (highest in zinc).

● Having a consistent topical skincare and haircare routine — Opt for good-quality natural haircare and skincare without all the nasty ingredients such as SLS, SLES, silicones or parabens. I use our 4-Step Vitamin Skincare System and Vitamin Haircare.

AL: Being someone who’s busy running their own branded empire, how do you manage stress and anxiety and what’s the one most crucial thing 2022 has taught you?

JS: Interestingly for me, I had one of my best years personally in terms of spiritual and self growth. On the other hand, I found my work a little more challenging and draining than usual. When one part of life feels easy — often another part of life can feel harder. This is life, this is where we grow. In order to take care of my mental health, I ensure I always begin my day with a nourishing morning routine and end it with a bedtime routine. These keep me grounded and in balance. I also have boundaries with social media and ensure I take weekends off to rest and rejuvenate.

Here are some of the key lessons I learnt in 2022…

Life isn’t perfect — Some aspects of life will flow and thrive, while others will test you. We must enjoy the dance of life.

Hold onto your passion and purpose — Hang on tightly to your mission and motivation, then you will always succeed.

Hard times strengthen us – every single time Do not fear them. They bring the lessons we need for the next steps on the journey.

Boundaries are the best way to protect your energy and take care of yourself — Saying NO is a sign of strength, not weakness. Put yourself first.

The present moment is what matters — We can’t actually experience the past or future. Enjoying the moment is all we have and it really is all we can control. Suddenly, life then feels blissful.

Always be kind to yourself and others — This is probably the most transformative emotion in the world right now and spreads like wildfire. You have no idea how kindness can impact another human life. We need this more than ever.

Your peace is MORE important — There is no better feeling than health and peace. Put everything into that. This will also allow you to then show up as the best version of yourself for those you love.

You’ve got to do the SELF work — Otherwise it leaks into places it shouldn’t. YOU are the best investment you can make for your life to thrive.

You can find all JSHealth products at www.jshealthvitamins.com. You can also check out Jessica Sepel’s personal website www.jesiccasepel.com for more information and guidance on nutrition, lifestyle and more.

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