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John Goodman (‘The Big Lebowski’), unrecognizable after his huge weight loss at age 71

Everytime that John Goodman makes an appearance on a red carpet to account for his transformation and voluminous weight loss… Why hadn’t we noticed before? The 71-year-old actor, who became known on television before continuing to succeed in the cinema, where he has participated in a wide variety of genres and films, both live action and animation. Who could forget, for example, his performance in the Coen brothers’ cult classic ‘The Big Lebowski’?

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But Goodman has also worked very hard off-screen. In fact, ever since he made the decision to start getting a little healthier, he has lost about 90 kilosLittle joke there if we look at photos of his before and after.

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John Goodman’s weight loss journey has been well documented over the years, beginning in 2007 when he embraced a new lifestyle, giving up drinking for personal training sessions, as well as modifying his “Mediterranean-Style Eating Plan”. In addition, he exercises six days a week and makes sure to take between 10,000 and 12,000 steps.

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Speaking to radio host Howard Stern in 2016, Goodman explained: “I took it easy. I just wanted to change my lifestyle. It is a continuous process for the rest of my life. You look in the mirror every day and say I have to deal with this for the rest of the day, I have to deal with this asshole…”

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In another interview, he told ABC that “In the old days, I’d take three months off, lose 70 or 80 pounds, and then reward myself with whatever and just go back to my old habits”. On his decision to give up alcohol, he said: “All that anger was fueled by fear, and the drinking was because I had fun. I was probably born an alcoholic. But most of the anger is gone. If I don’t watch the news, I’m calm. “.

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Whatever he’s doing, it’s clearly worked. John Goodman is in top form.

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Joaquín Gasca is an expert in competition, technology and motor sports. Some time ago he hung up his stud boots to focus on paddle tennis and running… old things, he complains. But he’s also up for whatever blitz he has to do with pushing his body to the limit, whether it’s behind the wheel of an Aston Martin or skateboarding to the office.

He is very much from Atlético de Madrid, so when footballers like Marcos Llorente or Álvaro Morata have starred on the cover of Men’s Health, he was there to write them. He just ran his first marathon for Runner’s World, and as he passes in this universe, he’s already looking for the next one to go under 3 hours. If you have to test any type of paddle tennis racket, vehicle or watch, it’s no problem. Even slippers. Whatever is needed in sports equipment.

Joaquín graduated in journalism from USP-CEU in 2013, but since 2009, when he joined the University newspaper, he has already begun to work as a 360 “journalist” in digital and print. The next steps of his almost 15-year career were taken by doing culture and sports in Shanghai magazine, until he entered Hearst a week before the start of the pandemic in 2020. He is also a professor of social networks and new technologies at Universitas Senioribvs CEU and is part of the Hearst Innovation HUB to investigate new trends.

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