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Juli, The Box Challenge participant, a fitness model who is not afraid of anything

Juli is a beautiful model, content creator and Absolute Champion of the Megaplex Stars fitness model contest in Santander. one of his hobbies is dancing and bachata It’s that genre that he loves.

She is an animal lover and has a cat named Simba. Her greatest motivation is her mother, who is a fan of the Challenge and was the one who encouraged her to participate. She considers herself a happy, outgoing woman who is not afraid of anything. She is willing to show that her height does not limit her at all and his warrior soul will be reflected in each of the boxes.

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What will The Box 2023 Challenge version be like?

During all these years, the Challenge has taught that there is no success without difficulty, that achieving balance is a matter of practice and that without a logical explanation, an inner strength appears that allows us to reach the goal and makes us discover that challenger that we all We Colombians carry inside. And that has made Desafío the reality show for Colombians.

On this occasion, 32 participants from different regions of the country will jump and immerse themselves in the most impressive adventure of their lives in which they will discover that challenger that they carry inside. From the first moment in the city of boxes, the challengers will show what they are made of, and in a first test, the name of their teams will be played between Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Omega. In this same way, according to the order of arrival, they will receive money to start the competition.

In this version 19 of the reality show, the participants will have new challenges, including learning to manage money as a team and learning to survive outdoors and by their own means on the low beach, the feared territory where participants who fail to succeed will inevitably arrive. pass the demanding tests.

The winners will be a man and a woman, and during the competition there will be 1,400 million pesos at stake in prizes.

In this season, with that money earned, the challengers will have to pay rent to live in the houses. If they don’t have the money, Playa Baja will be the ground that will receive them without any mercy.

Challenge of sentence and hunger, Challenge of sentence and services, Challenge of sentence and well-being and Challenge of sentence, prize and punishment, will be the tests in which the challengers will face each other so as not to lose the comforts of their homes, and also, win the possibility of sentencing someone from any team for the death challenge in which the story of the competitors will end.

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