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‘Khile khile twacha ka raaz’: Debina Bonnerjee shares the secret behind her daughters’ glowing skin

“A lot of you asked me how I take care of my babies’ skin. I don’t do anything to make them fair because I believe that you need to love your skin colour,” Debina said

debina bonnerjeeDebina applies an ubtan on her daughters’ bodies (Source: Debina Bonnerjee/Instagram)

Debina Bonnerjee continues to keep her fans updated with insights into her personal life. From sharing her day-to-day life to giving tips on taking care of your baby’s or your own health, the actor-vlogger never misses a chance to take everyone along her motherhood journey. In keeping with the same, Debina — who is a mother to two daughters, Lianna and Divisha — recently shared the secret behind her babies’ glowing skin.

Babies ke Khile khile twacha ka raaz,” she wrote as the 40-year-old shared that she regularly applies ubtan on her daughters’ bodies. “A lot of you asked me how I take care of my babies’ skin. I don’t do anything to make them fair because I believe that you need to love your skin colour,” Debina said, adding that it doesn’t matter if the skin is fair or dark. “It should glow and be radiant from within.”

Sharing that she usually applies ubtan in the morning, Debina listed the various ingredients she uses to make this homemade face pack. “I have one cup of malai, sour curd, gram flour, saffron, soaked masoor dal, raw turmeric, and coconut water,” Debina said, before blending these ingredients to make a paste.

She then goes on to apply this ubtan on Lianna and Divisha’s bodies. “As you can see, Lianna is also eating this a little. I have not added anything which isn’t edible. So in case your baby even eats this a little when you are applying it, there’s no problem and you shouldn’t be afraid. If you feel that there is discolouration in any part of your baby’s body, it’s better to treat it when they are still young,” she said.

After allowing the ubtan to dry a little, Debina gave both her daughters a nice bath during which she washed off the pack.

But, should mothers be applying such homemade packs on their babies? We reached out to an expert to find out! “A majority of moms used homemade ubtan made out of malai, curd, besan, saffron, masoor dal, coconut water, and raw turmeric for their babies. This ubtan is thought to give soft and supple skin to the baby. But, it is better to consult the doctor first and then only apply it,” Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics, said.

She added that it is advisable that the parents should exercise caution before trying any home remedies. “Sometimes, the baby can get an allergic reaction, rashes, abrasion, inflammation, and redness of the skin. It is better to avoid such practices and just follow the instructions given by the doctor only. These things can be harsh on the baby’s skin. So, why take chances? These things can aggravate skin problems,” Dr Kapoor said.

Here are some tips recommended by the dermatologist to take care of your baby’s skin:

*Keep the baby clean and dry
*Change the diaper from time to time to avoid diaper rash
*Use a good moisturiser recommended by the doctor only
*Avoid using scented soaps and any product with chemicals and fragrances
*Bathe the baby in warm water instead of hot as doing so can dry out the skin
*Choose powders that are meant for babies
*It is better to stay in touch with the expert on a regular basis to ensure that the baby doesn’t have any skin problems in the future

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First published on: 13-06-2023 at 10:50 IST

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