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Kim Kardashian and the perfect technique to do the deadlift

    kim kardashian has the recipe to combat ‘jet lag’. After spending a few days filming her program The Kardashians in Europe, the businesswoman has put her feet on the ground and has gotten into an intense two-hour workout with her personal trainer in her gym. Proof of this is the exercise that she has left us in her Instagram stories, a deadlift executed with perfect technique and which we are going to analyze below to understand the reasons why we should include it in our training.

    Instagram @kimkardashian

    What are the benefits of doing the deadlift?

    The deadlift is one of the basic exercises in any strength routine. It is a movement that involves several important muscle groups such as the back, core, legs, buttocks, and arms. Furthermore, if practiced with the correct technique like Kim, it is an exercise with little risk of injury. The main reason to include this movement in your exercise routine is to gain muscle and tone the hamstrings and glutes, but for this you must adapt the weight to your physical condition and start with low loads without straining your back or putting your nervous system in check.

    How to execute the deadlift correctly?

    As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, start with low loads and even if you are not used to working with weight you can start doing it only with the bar. That being said, you have to give a lot of importance to your back placement since you must start from the natural anatomical position (ie, back straight) and maintain it throughout the movement. Once you have the right position:

    • Separate the legs until they reach the width of your hips, slightly bending the knees.
    • The balls of the feet should point forward.
    • Drop your weight back toward your heels, pushing your hips back as you lower yourself (see Kim) until the bar is about knee-high.
    • Return to the starting position by contracting the gluteals and slowly ascending with the chest upright and slightly activating the scapulae.

      To execute the deadlift you need

      Fundamentally two things: one bar to which you can add weight according to your abilities and progress in strength routines and some good training shoes to ensure a good grip to safely do this type of training.

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