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Know the fitness trends in Spain for 2023 with Trainingym

One of the most effective ways to improve overall health and well-being is to do physical activity. Also, the fitness It’s a lifestyle for many people. in the country and around the world.

Before, people used to join a gym to exercise. However, since 2020, due to confinement and restrictions, people have been forced to look for alternative methods to avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle. These methodologies have been maintained in 2023, such as outdoor training. In addition, to train optimally you can go to platforms such as trainingym.

top 10 trends fitness in Spain by 2023 that lovers of physical activity will want to know

The fans of fitness They are always kept up-to-date on the news of the sports world. Some of the trends that are coming strong this year are the following:

The number one trend this year is the functional training. It focuses on exercises that mimic the daily and functional movements of everyday life in order to improve strength and endurance.

Second place is occupied by small group personal training. These groups are led by a personal trainer who focuses on the individual needs of each participant.

Position number three goes to personal training, in general, by the hand of qualified trainers.

The hiring of certified professionals It has also been an upward trend in

Spain. Consumers and businesses in the industry have realized the importance of hiring trained and certified professionals to prevent injuries and maximize results. He free weight training It has also been positioned as a great way to increase muscle strength and improve body composition.

Positions 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are occupied by exercise and weight loss plans, which offer a comprehensive approach to improving fitness; the Programs of fitness for adults that include low-impact exercises; the multidisciplinary work teamswhich include personal trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists and other health professionals; regulation of the practice of professionals fitness; and outdoor physical activity such as running, biking, hiking, outdoor yoga, and functional training in parks.

Train this year’s trends with the Trainingym platform

Trainingym is a platform that offers more than 300 virtual classes, which can be done at home, in the gym or outdoors. The trainings can be adapted to the objective and level of each person.

One of the great advantages of the tool is that users can control their development in detail, by obtaining body analysis. For more information, it is recommended to visit the website and contact the professionals directly to find out all the details.

Know the fitness trends in Spain for 2023 from Trainingym Know the fitness trends in Spain for 2023 from the

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