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Launch of Planet Fitness® Wellness Booth in Mexico – Almomento


Planet Fitness introduced the Wellness Cabin, a place designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve recovery after exercise

Fitness Para Todos, a Planet Fitness® franchise announces the launch of the Wellness Booth in all clubs in Mexico. A new experience available to all PF Black Card® members where they can relax and recharge through an immersive experience.

The Wellness Cabin is designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve recovery after exercise. The new device found inside the Black Card® Spa helps members find inner balance through mindfulness and relaxation exercises as well as learn more about how to lead a healthy life. Some of the features it includes are:

  • A wide variety of videos for well-being and relaxation where you can choose between different mindfulness and breathing tutorials to refresh yourself.
  • Sounds that will surround and accompany users in a relaxation experience.
  • Modifiable heat therapy where you can find the ideal temperature of the bed to relieve and relax muscles.
  • Aromatherapy and different infusions, where users can choose their favorite.
  • Integrated fan with intensity options.
  • Heart rate monitoring while you enjoy a relaxing experience.

In addition, the Wellness Cabin has a variety of different features to explore, so each session can be a totally unique, personalized and rejuvenating experience in just 15 minutes.

You can visit the Wellness Booth at the following clubs and learn more about the memberships offered by Planet Fitness® at:

  • Planet Fitness Paseo Acoxpa, CDMX
  • Planet Fitness Plaza Satellite, EDO MEX
  • Planet Fitness Plaza San Marcos, EDO MEX
  • Planet Fitness Multiplaza Valle Dorado, EDO MEX
  • Planet Fitness Plaza Torrecillas, PUE
  • Planet Fitness La Paz, PUE
  • Planet Fitness Galleries Cuernavaca, MOR
  • Planet Fitness Plaza Cimatario, QRO
  • Planet Fitness Plaza Candiles, QRO

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