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Laura Escanes shows off super abs in ‘El Hormiguero’

    See Laura Escanes’ abs it means to us that her constant training in the gym continues to pay off. We have been monitoring for a long time the steps that the influencer takes in the gym and that they have managed to achieve the fitness transformation that she has undergone in recent years. Crys Dyaz has been in charge of putting the training poison into Laura’s body (we all know that once inside, you can’t get out of there) and proof of this are the constant routines that she shares with us through social networks and that we have copied for ourselves on more than one occasion.

    After learning that it is one of the finalists of ‘The Challenge’ (program in which he has shown in several tests that involved strength work that he is very fit) has visited ‘El Hormiguero’ along with the rest of his teammates and has not missed the opportunity to show off his more than sculpted abs again.


    How do you get those abs?

    if you want one specific routine to activate the core and with it lose abdominal fat, we leave you below a training designed expressly to focus on that area. But also, we must remind you that getting to score abs is a long-distance race that requires perseverance, discipline and patience, so you should not get frustrated if it takes time to see the results.

    On the other hand, pay attention to the shoes you use for this type of training in the gym. It must have adequate support, a good grip to generate good stability and, preferably, be made of a breathable material so that it does not absorb too much moisture. With these characteristics we have selected this view option on amazon with great value for money.


    PUMA training shoes



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    Next we leave you the abs routine 🔥🔥.

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