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Laura Matamoros: her secrets to having fitness legs

Laura Matamoros, former contestant on ‘Survivors’Cord Press

  • Laura Matamoros takes her physical health very seriously and practices two sports with which she is achieving incredible results.

  • Kiko Matamoros’s daughter shares a photo in which she shows her good physical shape after her training routine

Laura Matamoros show off your legs. The former contestant of ‘survivors‘ has shared a photo in which he appears with the very toned and strong legsand thanks to the investigation of our colleague Nuria Marín we have discovered her secret despite knowing that she is a lover of sports.

Laura Matamoros boasts of having toned and strong legs: we discovered her secret

The daughter of Kiko Matamoros takes her very seriously Physical Health and we see her train regularly. But there are two sports that the influencer dedicates a lot of time to and that may be one of the keys for her to have such strong legs: tennis and golf.

Tennis is one of the most complete sports that exist since it forces you to exercise all areas of your body, and especially the legs. In addition, Laura Matamoros combines it with the strength exercises at the gym where you have a personal trainer that helps you achieve good physical results. And with golf, which, although it is a low-impact sport, is a perfect fat burner for walking between holes, and even more so if it is combined with other disciplines, as is the case with Laura.

The new facet of Laura Matamoros as a golfer

Laura Matamoros returned to play tennis when He recovered his relationship with Benji Aparicio, although it has always been a sport that he has been passionate about. And with the fact that she is getting results, the influencer looks increasingly in better physical shape and boasts of it on her social networks.

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