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Lidl’s reduced kettlebell to train at home

    when we think of strength training at home What usually comes to mind are rubber dumbbells, elastic bands, and bullet bangles, but we don’t have to settle for just these accessories for our routines. Ok, we don’t have to buy one either. rack not a bench to set up a super gym at home -although hopefully-, but yes we can expand our mini gym.

    Something super useful? A kettlebell. Kettlebells are a great ally for our strength training since we can use them in all kinds of exercises, thus adapting the movement from the gym to home: deadlift, hip thrustmilitary press, sumo squat… Not to mention their own exercises such as kettlebell swing or around the world, among others.

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    And today we have found in Lidl the perfect kettlebell. The reason? Its price, which if it is already low, being reduced already comes to our hair. Costs €29.99 €24.99 and is from 8 kilosperfect for those who work with weight but want a figure that adapts to all exercises.


    lowered kettlebell



    €24.99 (17% discount)

    Three exercises you can do with kettlebell

    swing kettlebell

    An exercise where we work the whole body in a very special way: “in this movement most of the muscles of the body are in a fixed position while a muscle or group of muscles drives the movement” he explains Lauren Kanskicertified personal trainer, coach nutritionist and official yoga teacher.

    Turkish uprising

    Turkish uprising

    The Turkish uprising is a off-road exercise where we work the whole body at the same time and it’s the “only lift where your entire body is lifted around a fixed load in space,” says Lauren Kanski.



    An exercise that works shoulders and core equally, perfect if you want to strengthen your abs. A trick? “Make sure to send your hips back until you can’t take any more, then pivot out of your core. You can bend the knee of the opposite leg as much as you want, but the leg under the arm with the bell stays straight and supports 80 percent load” explains Lauren Kanski.

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