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Lose weight fast: Do 1 exercise on the wall to have a flat abdomen and eliminate salt shaker arm

At Panorama we know that having an impact body is not an easy task, especially when we talk about betting on 1 exercise that really works, so we present you with an alternative that is ideal for having a flat abdomen and eliminating salt shaker arms. The result will surprise you!

When we thought that getting in shape was an impossible mission, we recently discovered that there are some repetitions that can help us with that mission, the good news is that they are very simple proposals that will help you lose weight fast.

Exercise on the wall to eliminate a bulging belly

Through social networks, we discovered an exercise that is perfect for defining the upper body, the best thing is that you will only work with your body. The first thing you should do is face down in front of the wall, throw one leg in the direction of the wall and recharge. Hold for 30 seconds, lower and repeat for four circuits.

Exercise on the wall to eliminate a bulging belly. Photo: I.G.

How to remove the bulging belly?

It is important to know that there is no wonder method to strengthen your body and that discipline, in addition to good nutrition, play an important point. Our recommendation is that you accompany yourself with a sport that you really like while you consult a nutritionist.

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