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Lucknow University: Yoga Enthusiasts Get Wellness Tips Via ‘plavini Pranayam’ | Lucknow News

Lucknow: The faculty of yoga and alternative medicine at the Lucknow University organised a plavini pranayam session during its International Yoga Day event series on Saturday to inform people about the ancient breathing exercise for overall well-being.
“Plavini pranayam, derived from Sanskrit word “plavini” meaning swimming, involves rhythmic breathing techniques that offer individuals a sense of bodily lightness, sharper intellect, and a calm mind,” said Dean of Student Welfare, Prof Poonam Tandon. Expert Virendravikram Singh showcased plavini pranayam in water, highlighting its connection to water and its therapeutic benefits.
LU yoga faculty coordinator Amarjeet Yadav explained the health advantages of ‘pranayam’, especially concerning the abdomen. The practice helps regulate the respiratory system, balance hormones, purify blood, enhance emotional and mental well-being, and intensify flow of vital energy throughout the body.

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