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Make every day a spa day with this $10 bath wrap from Target

Stepping out of a hot shower in the winter can be, shall we say, shocking if you don’t have the right accessories. No one wants to fiddle with getting the folds right on a towel so that it stays on long enough to lotion up, do makeup or blow dry wet hair. And thanks to this $10 bath wrap, tucking your towel just right isn’t an issue.

This special towel looks like a skirt, but it’s designed to keep you covered after a bath or shower. It has a special velcro closure so you don’t have to worry about it falling down while you’re getting ready for your day. It’s made with soft 100% cotton terry cloth which makes toweling off comfortable. And if you’re worried about exposing too much skin, it’s 39 inches long and 31 inches wide to give you full coverage.

Target shoppers can’t get enough of it.

“I needed this item for years!” wrote a rave reviewer. “I could never keep a towel tucked around me as I do my skincare and I hate robes. This is perfect! I dry off with a towel first and then wrap this as my body oil and lotions dry.”

Velcro magic keeps your towel tucked just right. (Photo: Target)

“Tell ya what, hubs is 6 ft 3 in tall and weighs 210 lbs,” shared a doting wife. “It fits him perfectly! The length and girth are quite generous. He likes it more than his bath towel to run around in, shaving and so on. It’s all-cotton, washes beautifully, and a tad of fabric softener brings it to the next level.”

“Purchased these for my facial clients at my wellness spa,” reported a five-star fan. “The white ones cold up to bleaching well, as well as regular washing. Definitely worth the money.”

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