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María Pedraza and the photos of her spectacular abdomen that everyone comments on Instagram

María Pedraza never stops surprising her fans with new professional projects. After announcing her participation in the new film by Daniel Calparsoro, whose filming has just finished in Brussels, we cannot wait to see her act in another film and even more so if we know that she is going to share a shot with actors like Aron Piper or Nourdin Batan, among others. others. It is clear that the actress is at her best And the photos she posts on Instagram are proof of this, where we can’t stop seeing her enjoying the sun and a few dips on the beach, traveling and well surrounded by her circle of closest friends.

The exercises of María Pedraza to crush abs

María Pedraza has shared on Instagram stories a photo showing off a six-pack that has set the networks on fire. We know that the actress is an unconditional fan of strength routines in the gym, for which those abs are so defined, there is no doubt that they are the result of all those workouts that she works so hard.


Beyond her strength routines, the actress has shared on numerous occasions some hints of her fitness sessions with her followers with an admirable closeness, where there has been no shortage of dynamic planks, leg exercises, but also her skills as a dancer with a special predilection for classical dance, as well as his boxing classes. The two sides of the coin that, however, she manages to fit perfectly into her routines.

It is clear that strength sessions mixed with disciplines such as boxing and dance undoubtedly make a super complete package when it comes to marking a workout. And it is that dynamism is essential to avoid falling into monotony with always the same sports routines. Without a doubt we love the bet of María Pedraza.

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