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Mario Mairena, brilliant Spanish powerlifting champion

                  On March 10 and 11, the WRPF National Powerlifting Championship was held at CrossFit Puerto Banús and the winner was Mario Mairena ‘Tank’ who, in his 10 lifts, did zero nulls and no red lights. Co-founder of @thefittestmanagers, CrossFit athletes’ representation agency, we have chatted with him and he has told us how the competition was. “Two years ago I set out to be a champion. People didn’t accept that I thought like that, they didn’t make it easy for me and I didn’t feel supported by the powerlifting community, like “and who is this?”; but I’ve won in the category minus 140, with a total Spanish record: 862.5 kilos. With a squat record, 330, for example”. (How to do squats well and the types that exist).

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                  An accident and a hernia, the stones on the road

                  “I rose to 134 kilos of body weight, but they have been difficult years because the first competition they nailed me 3 nulls in the deadlift and then my mark was not official; in the following competition shortly before I was hit by a car when I was riding the motorcycle. He can’t train well, on top of that with a hernia and it was quite hard, but here I am, champion of Spain”.

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