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Mario Marzo shows off biceps in this tender photo with his baby

Parenthood can mean less time to maintain the exercise routine, follow a strict diet and all that that makes you have a muscular body like the one you had before becoming a father. Or not. Why alone you have to see Mario Marzo in his last photo on Instagram with which he shows that being a father and showing off muscles is not at all at odds.

The actor has uploaded a photo to his profile on this social network in which he is giving a bottle to one of his twin sons. March appears without a shirt holding the child, a position that makes the arms appear flexed and shows off tremendous biceps. This shows that being a father does not mean having to stop training or spend less time exercising, although it may be necessary to make more efforts to combine both facets, you can save time. Mario Marzo and his physique is a good example of this.

In addition, the pianist also knows how hard it is to achieve a muscular body. Some time ago he surprised everyone by sharing the tremendous physical change that he had experienced in a matter of a year based on a strict routine of sports and nutrition. Everyone hallucinated with the physical state of the actor after his transformation after having him engraved on the retina as a skinny teenager in ‘The Protected’.

“A year ago I decided to start taking care of myself. A year ago I thought I was healthy because I wasn’t fat, today I know that’s nonsense” Mario said in the text that accompanies the publication. “During this year I have felt a little happier every day, a little calmer, more “lighter”, I have slept better and I have been motivated by seeing how I surpassed myself in each training session” , he kept counting.

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