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Marta Hazas boasts a toned back and arms

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    On Friday, the Malaga Festival gave the starting signal with a red carpet at the height of the event itself, which celebrates its 26th edition this year and in which the latest cinematographic works that have been shot in our country will be presented. A contest in which the cinema is once again the true protagonist of the Andalusian city for 9 days.

    Marta Hazas shows off her very toned back and arms on the red carpet at the Malaga Festival

    The red carpet of the Malaga Festival was filled with familiar faces in the world of the seventh art, among them Mina El Hammani, Eva Isanta and Marta Hazas, the latter standing out especially for a looks that has left us speechless, setting the bar very high and in the early days of the film festival, with a princess-style dress, in bubblegum pink with a strapless neckline, tight on the chest and with volume on the skirt, a design of Valenzuela.

    day 1 malaga film festival 2023

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    Marta Hazas captured all the camera flashes with her dress, but the moment she turned to show the back, the looks It rose even higher, revealing a very toned back, wrapped in that pink color that suits the actress so well and with a black detail.

    In addition to a strong back, the actress also boasted very toned arms, showing the results of all those upper body routines to keep the body well defined with exercises in which the weights become great allies. There is no doubt that Martha Hazas will be crowned as one of the most glamorous at the Malaga Festival.

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