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Mat Fraser is seriously injured and publishes the photos

        “You have seen the crutches and you are very curious… Well let me tell you: Sometime in February I broke my knee in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class: a total accident during warm-up (no, it wasn’t with Amanda Nunes, although she did kick my butt). Completely torn ACL, Grade 2 LCL, Grade 1 LCL, and a meniscus tear. In early March, I went to CA for surgery and spent a few weeks in physical therapy. Now, back home, with the regular training and work schedule. Finding new ways to rehab and get back into shape while I recover. Totally bummed out at first I admit, but I can’t be too sad, I was making a life out of the gym and I’ll be back to myself in a couple of months,” Mat Fraser writes in a recent Instagram post to tell his fans that he’s He seriously injured his knee.

        Is CrossFit a harmful sport?

        Impressive images, since we are used to seeing the CrossFit legend training hard in his box despite having been retired for a couple of years. Knee injuries are always complicated, they take months and months of recovery –at least he will be 6 without being able to train like he has been up to now–, and it puts an end to CrossFit’s fame that it is a harmful fitness discipline. After almost a decade dedicated to cross training, he didn’t even get a serious injury –only in the back during his time as a young weightlifter-, and he broke his knee doing jiu-jitsu. (10 CrossFit exercises you must learn and master).

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        From Canadian Patrick Vellner to Brazilian Guilherme Malheiros, many CrossFit stars have sent him encouragement and strength on social media and in person. Cheer up Matt! We are already looking forward to seeing you again in the box.

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