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Matthew McConaughey has maintained his physique and health throughout his entire career. Even to this day, he showcases a lean yet muscular physique.

However, he didn’t achieve his health and physique overnight. There are certain mantras he uses to ensure that his fitness levels aren’t affected with his hectic work schedule.

One of the primary areas of focus for Matthew McConaughey is his diet. As an actor, he needs to be in shape and constantly moderate his physique based on the role he’s taking on.


Health and Fitness Tips by Matthew McConaughey

His fitness tips are simple and to the point. It’s easy to remember, and everyone can follow by them without running into obstacles.

1) Use a chopstick instead of a fork

One of the tools for ensuring you’re not over-eating is eating slowly, and that’s best achieved using chopsticks.

The slower you eat, the more time you will give your brain to understand if you’re full or not. Otherwise, when you eat fast, by the time your brain realizes you’re full, you’ve already over eaten.

Eating slowly is great for digestion as well. Take your time, and chew the food properly, allowing your body to absorb more nutrients and eat less.


2) Work out every day

When you want to be fit, you can’t skip the part that keeps you fit.

You don’t have to go to the gym every day and lift heavy weights. If you want to stay fit, it’s about breaking a sweat every day.

Matthew McConaughey focuses on consistency over intensity. The more consistent you are, the better it’s for your overall fitness levels.

Some of the activities you can take on to break a sweat every day are dancing, taking the stairs, cooking, or anything that helps you remain active.

Moreover, picking an activity that makes you happy is going to motivate you in the long run.

3) Be vocal about your goals

When you’re on a diet, you need to be vocal about it. That’s how you can stick to it.

If you’re out to a restaurant, it’s fine to put your goals into existence. That will help you stick to your diet better than if you do not talk about your goals.

Even McConaughey knows that talking about your goals is one of the ways that helps you achieve them. It helps you create a habit which soon becomes a lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Matthew McConaughey keeps his fitness tips fun and simple. No one should have to make themselves miserable in order to stick to their goals. Your journey to fitness shouldn’t make you feel demotivated about the next day.

It’s important to take care of your mental health while you’re taking care of your physical health. So if you find yourself on a routine that makes you bitter about the journey, it’s time to moderate it. The idea is to feel happy whenever you think about your workout routine or what’s next for you, instead of allowing it to bring you down just to become lean.

A slower yet happier process is better than a fast yet demotivating one.

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