Meet Entrepreneur Kirti Jaiswal:- MD Of Amazing Home Furniture, CFO At Ashutosh Cattle Feeds & A Fitness Trainer

It is out in the open that in today’s ever-evolving competitive landscape, it is not a cakewalk to make a name for oneself. The market in every sector is full of competition and requires sheer determination, business acumen, and a thorough understanding of the sector to make it big. Laden with all of these aspects is Kirti Jaiswal, a young entrepreneur who is creating strides in a plethora of sectors and is taking businesses to new horizons of success. Currently, being the Managing Director of Amazing Home Furniture and the Chief Financial Officer at Ashutosh Cattle Feeds, he has emerged as a young business person who understands the future prospects of the market and drives innovation. 

The life journey is no less than a Bollywood Movie and is an inspiration for the current generation. Kirti, since his grown up days, was very determined to run a business and wanted to be a next-generation entrepreneur who would build a business empire and contribute to the process of Nation-building. However, he knew that things take time and started working on himself. This included working on physical body and enhancing his business skills. Being a firm believer of the principle, “A healthy mind resides in a fit body,” Kirti Jaiswal underwent a significant transformation and transformed himself from being a 96 kg Chubby Man to a 75 kg Fit person. His amazing transformation was a testimony to his will and sheer determination. This transformation earned him the title of a Fitness Trainer and he started mentoring young boys in attaining them a body that is both- perfect in shape and fit from inside.  

He pursued his career as a Fitness Trainer and is a  mentor and a fitness trainer at 24*7. Apart from this, he is also an active member of and performs the practices of Sahaj Yoga on a daily basis in order to boost his mental strength and manifest his internal energy in order to attain the highest level of peace and calmness. Talking about the need for being healthy not just physically but mentally as well, Kirti Jaiswal stated, “It is out in the open that in today’s time, mental health is not paid attention as it should have been. I deeply believe Mental fitness is as crucial as physical fitness, and, under no circumstances, should be neglected. It assists you in reaping the benefits of a sharper mind and a healthier body for times to come. I feel my 360-degree transformation would inspire youngsters to follow the same.”  

Post proving his mettle as a fitness freak, Kirti Jaiswal decided to enter business and incepted a strength training studio for assisting numerous people who are battling with obesity. Through this venture, Kirti offers a wide range of services and proper guidance to all those people who want to reduce their weight. Understanding the importance of investing into diverse fields in this ever-evolving cut-throat competitive landscape, Kirti Jaiswal has not limited himself to a single business and has also made numerous investments in a plethora of sectors. 

Kirti Jaiswal has recently also started his own E-Commerce furniture store with the name Amazing Home. The brand has created a stride in the realm due to its quality services and affordable furniture piece and home decor products. Taking things to the next level, he also shifted his dream venture, Amazing Home Furniture, to a meta business apart from running the business in an offline mode. Not just this, Kirti Jaiswal is also the CFO of Ashutosh Cattle Feed which is a small scale industry that manufactures maize cattle feed, oil cake & cattle feed.  

Apart from fitness and business, the virtuous is also involved in numerous humanitarian and charitable work and the reason for this is because Kirti envisions contributing to the formation of ‘Naya Bharat’ (New India). Talking about the future, Kirti envisions starting his own reality show which aims at providing a credible and solid platform for athletes across India to showcase their talent. The fitness freak has also planned on launching his exclusive fitness application soon with an aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and to help people in getting rid of excessive body fat. With so much achievement in his kitty, Kirti Jaiswal is truly a role model for generations to come. 

In the upcoming future, he aims to emerge as a role model for people suffering from Obesity. He believes his amazing transformation would inspire people to bring out a better change. Kirti Jaiswal also plans to launch his own fitness App soon and aspire to get certified from Being an optimistic person and a die-hard patriot, he also regularly organises fitness and sports events all around the globe in order to encourage people to get inclined towards a healthy lifestyle. With so much achievement in his kitty, Kirti Jaiswal is truly a role model for generations to come. 

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